Work Day

It has been so much fun having my family here. Their first day here we put them to work. My dad is an all around handy-man. So he and I worked on putting in a 220 hook-up for a dryer!! Hannah of course is in her glory. This will help to lighten her load.

While we were working, sirens start blaring and fire trucks start to roar past our house. Just down the hill was a big grass fire. So we walked down to see what was going on. They had most of it put out by the time we got there.

My brother Scott loves painting and interior decorating. He is working on Joseph's room. We are going to paint it a light blue on top and a dark blue on the bottom with a border in between. It's going to look really nice.


Jason said...

That's right baby!! Make them work!! :) Keep the updates rolling in :)

I know that all of this work will be appreciated for years to come. Anything to make our missionaries load a little lighter is a great blessing. Keep the pix comeing. Nanna looks like she is having fun too.

lizzie said...

How cute!! I hope you guys are having a good time:)

Dorcas said...

The pictures of your Mom with Joseph are priceless!!