"Christian Soldiers"--vbs/sunday school/youth camp

For the past several weeks we have been teaching the "Christian Soldiers" theme in our sunday school. Each week we talk about a new piece of armour that is necessary in this battle between good and evil. We decided to do a competition and we broke the class into two teams. Each week they win points for their team by bringing visitors, saying their verses, their attendance etc. On Tuesdays we go to a park where the two teams compete for more points. We usually have one review game of Sunday`s stories and the winning teams gets to add more points for their team. After the review game we usually have a fun competition not for points such as water relays or a soccer game. This next Sunday completes the competition. The teams are very close so it will be exciting to see how hard they will work for this last Sunday. The winning team will be going on a picnic to El Picacho a mountain overlooking the city, where there are playgrounds, and a zoo. You can see pictures on one of our previous posts of El Picacho. It´s going to be an interesting Sunday.



This is why Hannah loves Tupperware

Over the past several weeks I have been thoroughly annoyed by red ants climbing the walls of our home. They would usually appear at night prowling about, looking for food. I looked everywhere trying to find where they were coming in at, I couldn´t find anything. I used spray and traps to no avail.

Our printer is both a printer and a scanner. I rarely ever use my scanner, I hadn´t used it in probably three weeks, when one day I opened the scanner lid to discover the source of the ant invasion. They had set up home right there in my scanner. I had sat next to it day after day, working on my laptop, printing pages and never knew deep within, was a growing hoard of invaders.

Well with some help, we managed to clean up the mess and kill the queen. Everything still works amazingly. I was told this particular kind of ant loves to make homes in electronics. It still amazes me how they snuck the queen into the scanner and had lived there so long without us knowing. This is a great sermon illustration. Some people are trying to find out what is wrong in their life by looking in all the wrong places. They try to quite their bad habits, make new year resolutions, maybe even start going to church. But this will never save them. The "queen" of sin is living right there in their scanner (heart). You have to have the blood of Jesus. Only he can get rid of the queen that keeps producing bad things in your life. That heart of original sin. He can clean your scanner.


Bus Accident

On Saturdays I usually go to a clinic in the market where I witness and pray with the patients while they wait for their visit. I`m happy to report this past Saturday two people prayed to be saved.

On the way home from the clinic. I passed this accident. A bus somehow had crashed through the side of the bridge and had fallen into the river below. There were only three people on board. They had several injuries but no reports of death. I had never seen anything like this.


We enjoyed a wonderful lunch with Nidia Kafati and some of her family and friends. She has become a dear friend. Joseph had fun playing with the big remote control Hummer.


Murder in Tiloarque

We were shocked to hear the news of two men being shot to death and a taxi driver wounded in a planned attack just down the hill from our home.

This past Friday morning this taxi arrived at the Penitentiary to pick up a young man who had been in prison but was released. On his way home the taxi also stopped and picked up another man who had no connection to the man who was in jail.

Upon arriving at Tiloarque ( our neighborhood) two men came up behind the taxi and opened fire, killing both passengers and wounding the driver. They then turned and ran on foot. Hearing the shots nearby police came running to the scene. Seeing two suspects fleeing, they opened fire killing one of the men and arresting the other. The suspect who was killed was carrying three 9mm handguns. He was shot on the very highway we cross to take our bus.

Apparently the man who had been in prison had made some enemies within the prison. The event must have been orchestrated within the prison, and fellow cohorts carried out the action as the man was heading home.

After the car was removed and the police cleared, I shot this picture of blood stains that were left on the sidewalk. It was a real shock. I think about it each time I pass by this spot. The other two photos are from the newspaper.

One of the ladies who has come to our Sunday school was a friend of the victim. She was really shook up. These types of things happen here everyday. It`s just another reminder of why we are here, to win them to Christ


Nothing Works

Hello Nana, are you there? Hello?? I wish this phone really worked.

Why is it that none of my things work? My phone doesn´t work and this car doesn`t work either.


A Lesson from a bush

Our rose bushes are doing great. They remind me of our ministry. Someday we are going to see our church bloom like these bushes. I have to water, tend to them, give them light and they will grow. So it is with our church. We must continue to preach the Word, show them the light of Christ, and love them and we will see them won to Christ.


Visiting the Sick

Thursday I accompanied two ladies to the hospital to visit the Aids patients. Many of these patients are reaping the fruits of a sinful lifestyle. We were able to share the gospel message with many of them. One man pictured here, prayed to be saved. After I had given a little salvation message I asked Tito if he knew he was ready to go to heaven. He shook his head no. I asked him if he would like to be saved and he said yes. So he prayed with me that Jesus would forgive him of his sins. I hope and pray he was sincere. His gay friend was also there visiting him. Tito had painted finger nails, long hair like a woman and carried a large lady´s purse that you can see on the counter behind me. Please pray for Tito. He desperately needs help from God. We plan to visit the aids patients every week. Please cover us in your prayers.


Back To School

While on a recent trip to San Pedro Sula I had the privilege to see our field director`s new school. It just opened this year. They have close to sixty children between the grades of 1-5. I really enjoyed getting to know some of these children and also to share a devotional with them. Roger and his staff are doing a great job and it is a blessing to this poor comunity.


Happy Birthday

A big happy birthday to Hannah´s brother Nathaniel. He turned 13 on July 12th. Just a few more years and you'll be driving a real car. Congratulations buddy!! We love you.


To the top of Mount Picacho

This statue of Jesus with his arms open is the trade mark symbol of Tegucigalpa. You can see this statue overlooking the city from almost any point. We had heard that here on top of Mount Picacho we could see the statue and also visit a park and zoo. So finally after all this time, we made a trip to the top of the mountain. It was worth it. It was so beautiful.
The view of the city is amazing


A Trip to the Zoo

On top of Mount Picacho there is also a nice little zoo. All of the animals are native to Honduras. Our favorites were the jaguar and monkeys.

The jaguar is a well known symbol in Honduras. It was neat to stand just two feet away and watch this beautiful animal

The monkeys were a blast to watch. They came right up to the fence and chatted to us.


Pie Making

Our good friend Nidia Kafati called wanting to learn how to make a lemon merengue pie for her husband. Now, Hannah had never made a lemon merengue but she was willing to give it a try. Nidia brought her mother and grandmother who also watched more interested in Joseph then they were pie making. They had a great time and when it was all said and done Nidia called later and said the pie tasted delicious.


The Big Party

First we went shopping! We found everything in one little store.

This lady is making a hat for JZ
Carlos´wife made this piñata for JZ

39 kids and 8 parents showed up for the party. We had a lot of people in our little house.

Chow time


The kids just shouted and had a great time playing ¨pin the wheel on the car¨


We gave out little gift bags. They were filled with candy and a car for the boys and doll for the girls.


One birthday tradition here in Honduras is to have a piñata. Our firend made a clown face for Joseph and Eric filled it up with lots of candy. The kids have been waiting for this moment all month long. Joseph even had the chance to take a swing. They had so much fun.

But then we had to clean it all up