Revival, Nicaragua, and a Side Note

God has been so good!! We just came through revival at Tiloarque. The church celebrated its sixth anniversary and we called in Hery Santiago to preach the weekend services. God used the messages to stir our hearts and challenge us to walk a closer walk with the Lord. Our little sanctuary was packed out with standing room only. The exciting part was that we had a good number of first time visitors!!! Thank you to all who prayed for these services, they were certainly a blessing!!
It was a privilege to have Hery with us in our home. It was his first visit to Honduras and hopefully it won't be his last. Thanks brother Hery for all your hard work and encouragement!!
Bro. Santiago preaches at a Spanish church in Hobe Sound, Florida and has several Hondurans that attend his church. Last year during deputation I got to meet Wilson, one of the Hondurans that attends his church. He invited several of us over to his house for a cookout. When Wilson's parents heard that Bro. Hery was coming to Honduras to preach they made an eight hour trip to Tegucigalpa to meet their son's pastor. It was a delight getting to know them and have them in our home for several meals.
Hannah's class of kids that she taught during the revival. The future of our works!!
Remember our bus project last summer during our deputation?? If you gave towards that project please take a good look at the above picture. Your investment is being put to good use!! This van was overflowing each night of the revival bringing in people from Las Uvas. We can't thank you enough for helping us buy this van, it has been such a boost to our ministry!!
The kids each received a copy of "Jesus My Very Best Friend", written by Joy Budensiek and published by Gospel Publish Mission (the publishing arm of HIM).
Sunday of the revival was a big celebration. After the morning service everybody stayed for lunch and then we ended the meeting with an afternoon service. People were everywhere in our house, eating, laughing, kids playing, talking, just a great time together.
These kids had a time playing with Joseph and Daniel's toys.
Our front yard and garage.
Dan Dan the man with his big plate of rice!!
The Monday after the revival I took Bro. Hery down to see the Las Delicias work and the new parsonage. The parsonage is looking great. Roberto and his family just recently moved in and are enjoying their new home. It's ready to be painted which should be done within the next week or two.
The had just installed the kitchen sink and counter top the day we stopped by. They will be adding shelves and doors on the front.
Throughout the week I took Bro. Hery around the city to show him a few of the sights. We went to a little zoo that has a great variety of animals. One of the zookeepers let us in the cage of the Macaws to take these pictures. I just love their outstanding colors!
The national bird of Honduras.
Got to see this lion take down a vulture that had gotten into his cage. He truly is king of the jungle!!
The following weekend our family along with Bro. Santiago headed to Salamaji, Nicaragua for another weekend of services. I love to hear these people sing!! They lift the roof of this place!
While in Nicaragua we stopped by to see Pablo at the Bible Institute. He is doing quite well studying missions and God is really helping him. Keep praying for him, God has great things in store for this young man!
Bro. Hery, Pablo, myself and Julio Villareyna

                    On A Side Note:

On Saturdays we have a new converts discipleship class. Here is the group we have been working with and getting them ready for baptism. Pray that God establishes them and strengthens them in their new faith.
Just had to share this picture of a little boy in Las Delicias. Could he be one of our future pastors some day? A missionary? Only God knows.
Look at this kid!! Climbing up the back of the van all by himself! How can I describe Dan Dan? Hmmm always into things, pulls out the books in my office, pulls out the pots and pans in the kitchen, he likes to help with things like taking out the garbage, he loves his big brother to pieces and he is sweet as honey!!