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Call 765-716-0342 or write Eric Kuhns, 121 Melmar Drive, Lewisburg, Pa 17837. We would be happy to mail you a DVD.


A Special Radio Interview

WPGM 96.7 FM is a local Christian radio station that has been broadcasting for nearly fifty years here in central Pennsylvania. Every Sunday they air a program called "The Community Forum", usually highlighting people and local events. Today we were interviewed by Matthew James (who has worked at WPGM for nearly twenty years) about our new DVD that tells of our journey of faith to Honduras. The interview will air this coming Sunday, August 2nd at 12:05 p.m. If you live in the area be sure to tune in! By the way there are still DVDs available if you would like your copy. You can write to us at 121 Melmar Drive, Lewisburg, Pa 17837 or email me at or give me a call 1-765-716-0342. We would be happy to send you a copy.


Honduras Update

Some of the chaos seems to have settled down across Honduras, but things are definitely not back to normal. Over the weekend ousted president Mel Zelaya attempted to reenter the country at the Las Manos crossing with Nicaragua. This crossing is about 45 minutes from Tegucigalpa. We have passed through this area many times.
Zelaya walked up to the border as a few hundred of his supporters gathered around him. Police in riot gear blocked the road and a curfew was in effect to clear the streets in that area. Zelaya only stayed a short time and then returned back to Nicaragua. Talks between Zelaya and Costa Rican president Arias seems to have fallen through. So far the Hondurans have stood their ground to uphold and preserve their constitution amidst tremendous international pressure to reinstate Zelaya and his socialist agenda. Continue to pray that this explosive political problem will quickly be resolved.


Special Visitors

It was so nice to see my aunt Cathy and my cousin Joanna and her little girl Kaitlyn. I hadn't seen Joanna in 7 or 8 years. It was nice to catch up again. Her little girl is so cute it was our first time to meet her. We had a blast together for about a day before they had to leave. Thanks for stopping by!! It was good to see you again.

Brady rock climbing at the park.

Backwards down the slide!!


Joseph loved feeding the seagulls at Harker's Island, North Carolina


Along the Deputation Trail

Here are a few highlights from our Southern tour. (Picture 1) Joseph playing on a slide as the sun sets in Archdale, NC

(Picture 2) We had breakfast with Brother Sidney Grant. He was also in North Carolina holding services.
(Picture 3 ) Roy Acuff's changing room back stage at the Grand Ol'e Opry.

(Picture 4) The Kuhns family live on stage at the Grand Ol'e Opry

(Picture 5) Singing at the historic Grand Ol'e Opry in Nashville, TN

(Picture 6) Joseph in front of the beautiful Smokie Mountains

(Picture 7) An old mill at Cades Cove in the smokies

(Picture 8 ) Joseph with a grizzly bear and a park ranger.

( Picture 9) A beautiful pond glistening in the sun along a mountain path in Virginia

( Picture 10) Joseph with his cousins Mikala and Natalie in Virginia.

(Picture 11) Hannah draws an after service crowd as she talks about Jordan and the middle East

( Picture 12) Floyd the barber in Mount Airy, NC the hometown of Andy Griffith. Also known as "Mayberry". Floyd used to cut Andy's hair when he lived in the area and the man in the chair went to school with Andy.

(Picture 13) Helping Barney Fife keep control on the streets of Mayberry.

(Picture 14) Cape Lookout at Harker's Island, NC

(Picture 15) Pastor Dale Darr of the Grace Holiness Church in Harker's Island. He and Joseph became big buddies.


Political Update

Sunday was a bloody day in Tegucigalpa. Nearly 20,000 supporters of Mel Zelaya showed up at the airport to welcome him back to Honduras. However, troops had taken control of the airport and was blocking the runway so the president's plane couldn't land. Supporters began to tear down a fence and soldiers opened fire killing two people and several others were wounded. Zelaya was unable to land and headed to El Salvador where he said he would try again on Monday or Tuesday of this week. Despite being a dictator who has defied the constitution and the congress Zelaya is supported by the Obama administration and many other nations from around the world. Those
who are standing up for their rights and the preservation of the constitution are under tremendous international pressure.

Glenn and Helen Reiff have left Tegucigalpa for the time being and are staying with Daniel Melton four hours away at San Luis. Many of our church people who live in Tegucigalpa have fled the city temporarily until things calm down. Please pray for their safety. The airport is closed for at least the next two days. Continue praying that this situation will quickly be resolved.


Happy Fourth of July

God Bless America!!!


Finally Three

Tuesday was Joseph's birthday. His grandma threw a big party at the park. I think Joseph would like to have a party every day of the year if it was possible. He always has fun. It's hard to believe he is three. Time goes so fast. We hope he has many more wonderful birthdays.


High on Helium