Political Update

Sunday was a bloody day in Tegucigalpa. Nearly 20,000 supporters of Mel Zelaya showed up at the airport to welcome him back to Honduras. However, troops had taken control of the airport and was blocking the runway so the president's plane couldn't land. Supporters began to tear down a fence and soldiers opened fire killing two people and several others were wounded. Zelaya was unable to land and headed to El Salvador where he said he would try again on Monday or Tuesday of this week. Despite being a dictator who has defied the constitution and the congress Zelaya is supported by the Obama administration and many other nations from around the world. Those
who are standing up for their rights and the preservation of the constitution are under tremendous international pressure.

Glenn and Helen Reiff have left Tegucigalpa for the time being and are staying with Daniel Melton four hours away at San Luis. Many of our church people who live in Tegucigalpa have fled the city temporarily until things calm down. Please pray for their safety. The airport is closed for at least the next two days. Continue praying that this situation will quickly be resolved.


Kristen said...

Hi Eric this is Kristen the girl that you met at the Gospel Center and I just thought that I would let you know that I am planning to go on a TLC trip next summer! And of all places can you guess where? Honduras! And no I will assure you that I am not going there only because that is where you are missionaries. The reason I have chosen to go there is because in the fifth grade we wrote to pen pals that lived in Honduras and ever since that time I have felt that this is truely where God has called me! And the amazing thing is that this year when we did a career project for school and I of course did mine on missions because thats what God has called me to do I found out about the HIM missions organization and I was just browsing the website and I went to the missionaries page and as I scrolled over you're picture I had thought to myself that I would really love to meet you and find out some things about Honduras and talk to you about being a missionary and I hadn't even sincerely prayed about it but the Lord knew that I really wanted to meet you and two weeks later you were at my church! God had done a miracle! And yes if you were wondering I was the one who asked my youth leader if we could go down and listen to the missionaries because I knew that was an oppurtunity I COULD NOT lose! And I was so excited! And then of course after service I knew I just had to talk to you and of course I did. And then it didn't end there, because I got to see you at youth camp too and I had remembered the missions program that you told me about and you were there to tell me exactly who I needed to talk to and I did and now I have contact with Mr. Mowery and have found out about the TLC program and now I am so much closer to where God has called me to go! Still with long ways to go obviously but atleast I am no longer standing still! I'm so excited! God has opened so many windows and has done things that I hadn't even asked of him! God is so awesome!

Kristen said...

Do you what city Azualcualpa Valle Honduras is in because I am writing to someone there and I would like to know just out of curiosity. I already have the address and everything I just would like to know roughly where it is at so I know if we are near there on our TLC trip next summer because Evelin said that she would like to meet me. Hopefully I know enough spanish by then though to atleast have a decent conversation with her! Fingers crossed! I already know some, but I'm taking Spanish in high school this year so I will know a little bit more by the next year for the missions trip. But anyway, please let me know if you know where Azualcualpa Valle is at because it wasn't on any maps that I have seen so far.

Eric said...

Hey Kristen,
What an exciting story!! I'm so glad God worked everything out and continues to work in your life. You will never regret following God's calling on your life!!

I don't know where Azualcualpa Valle is at, I have never heard of it. But that doesn't mean you can't meet your pen pal. She may be closer than we think!!

If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know. It is so exciting to see you follow the Lord!! Keep up the good work!

Eileen said...

Hello Bro. Eric, just wanted to stop by and say hello. Also when I talked with your wife at Boot Camp she asked me to let her know when my surgery was going to take place. I wrote her on her fb. I am not sure when she gets to it. But caught your blog so thought that I would let you know too. It is in the morning, Thursday July 9. At noon. I so feel everyone's prayers, already. I am so glad that I have God there with me. He has been my streght through all of this. I thank His Name for this. God is so good. We are praying for the unrest there in Hondurou. God be with you guys. Have a blessed day!