Help us Pray

We would appreciate your prayers for some circumstances in our Tiloarque church. I won't go into all the details but we need a real move of God. Help us pray that evil will be defeated and good and God would prevail. Thanks so much.


What's Going On?

Just wanted to write an update and let you all know how things are going. We have been very busy!! God has been helping us with some new ministries. We are very very excited about the Bible Institute. There are 8 students coming every Saturday to study. We just finished with Orientation Class and we started Old Testament Survey. It has been a lot of fun and the students seem to be enjoying it immensely. 
At Las Uvas church we have been holding a type of VBS on Sunday's with the theme "Two Roads". It is geared towards children but we try to incorporate the adults as well. 
We are going to give a prize to the child, youth and adult who wins the most points by memorizing scriptures, being faithful to attend and bringing visitors. It will be interesting to see who wins.
We have had some new people attending at Tiloarque church. There have been some tough times lately but we are encouraged and moving forward. Please pray a special prayer for our Tiloarque church.
We have started holding services at Las Delicias a small farming village about an hour and twenty minutes from here. We are excited about the possibilities and the potential in this new work. Hopefully we will be able to start working on the church there in November after the rainy season.
The family is doing good. Joseph loves going to kindergarten. He gets up early and is on the bus by 6:30 a.m. and is home at 3:00 p.m. Daniel is doing good and is growing like a weed. Most of his time is spent eating and sleeping. haha.
Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate your prayers and support. If you ever want to drop us an email write to us at


Wedding Bells

Last weekend Sandra's son Oscar got married and we were invited to the wedding. Here are my handsome boys all ready to go.
The cake and chocolate fondue table.
Sandra and Rita did all the decorating and made all the centerpieces. It was beautiful!
It's customary that the couple sits together during the wedding ceremony.
During the ceremony they put a rope around each others necks to show that they are now one and what is her's is his and what is his is her's.
Oscar and Alma



We got Daniel started in Early Stimulation Therapy to help with his muscle tone. We have to take him twice a month where workers evaluate his progress and teach us how to do therapy at home. 
Part of his therapy is body massages twice a day. This is the part he loves!!


Exploring New Possibilities

Arriving at "Las Delicias" a little farming village outside of Tegucigalpa. This couple walking up the path attend our Tiloarque church. The man's parents are from Delicia and they have been wanting us to come and start a church. Last Thursday we went on an exploratory visit to see what kind of possibilities there were and to ask the people to pray for God's will.
The man with the guitar is Jose. He has had meetings here in his yard for many years but they have never been able to really establish a church. They have been working on building an adobe church and have about 3 feet of the walls built. 
During the meeting I gave a summary of my call, the history of the mission in Honduras and an overview of our doctrine. I want the people to clearly understand that if we come we will definitely need a lot of help and support from them. I asked them to take this week to pray about it and I will be giving them an answer in the next few days. I would also ask our readers to please help us pray about this "Macedonian" cry to come and help. We only want God's will. My life long goal is to plant 100 churches and I would love for this to be one of them. But I don't want to overextend ourselves, I desperately need pastors and leaders and we have some men who are committed to helping us, but there is still a lot of training to do. I just want to make sure this is God's will.


School Days

Up bright and early and waiting for the van to go to school. So far Joseph really likes his school, and likes his teacher. All good news.
Here is his red van and his nanny that comes to pick him up every morning.