Coming Soon To a Church Near You

The time is swiftly approaching for us to return to the states for deputation. Our last deputation tour was in 2009 and we are long overdue to give our supporters an update of the work. We would certainly appreciate your prayers as we try to get all the details worked out for our schedule. If you would be interested in us coming by your church please don't hesitate to contact us. You can email me at or drop Hannah a note on Facebook. We are looking at the months of May through mid August. Hope to hear from you!


Garage Sale

Our Tiloarque church people came together and had a garage sale, one of the best we have ever had. Just about everybody from the church donated something. There were kids clothes, toys, shoes, and house goods.
Patty is one of our new converts. She made over 100 baleadas and we sold them all!! They were so good.
Plenty of arms available to hold Dan Dan, he loved it!

We made over $300 to help send some of our ladies on a retreat in San Luis. Thank God for a successful sale.


Christmas Keeps Coming

The surprises just keep pouring in. Another box of Christmas gifts arrived yesterday from the states. Hannah's cousin John Kennedy and his wife Tabitha sent us more goodies to enjoy!
Excitedly opening up the box!
There was something for everyone. Toys, books, and puzzles for the boys. Kitchen utensils, and cook books for Hannah. Two big jars of peanut butter for me as well as a gift card for Barnes and Noble.
Thanks Wayne and Tabby. We love all the gifts and we appreciate it so much!!!


TLC Team in Nicaragua

Last week I headed down to Nicaragua to be with a TLC team coming in from Hobe Sound, Florida. I arrived a few days ahead of the team to get some things ready and the day I arrived there was this beautiful rainbow!
We rented a bus and went to Managua to pick up the team. Thankfully they arrived safely.
Heading North to Ocotal. It was a privilege to have Timmy Slavens on the team. He was in our church youth group when I was youth pastor at Beavertown God's Missionary Church. I was so happy to see how he is serving the Lord.
There were 12 on the team. The majority of them are missions students at Hobe Sound.
Two of the guys were from Papua New Guinea. Andy preached twice on the trip.
We got around in the back of a pick up truck. Here they are heading back to the hotel after the church service.
Saturday the team bought wires and lights to install the electricity for the new church that was built and they bought wood to build some new pulpits.
Some of the guys helped to install the lights. While others worked on other projects.
Some of them sanded and helped work on the pulpit.
Three of the group went to the main church to paint the mission logo and the name of the church over the door.
Working on the pulpit.
On Sunday we had our very first service in the newly built Achuapas church. Julio's main church people and the people from his other outstations all came together for the service. The Lord's presence was so sweet!
God moved in the service and several people came forward to pray.
Then I dedicated four children.
After the dedications we all went down the hill to the creek for 10 people to be baptized.
There were 5 Nicaraguans and 5 young people from the team that got baptized.
Baptizing Danny.
Baptizing one of the men from the church. This man walks about 2 hours one way every Sunday to church.
The ten candidates with myself, pastor Julio and Sister Joy Budensiek.
Then the team handed out fans and decorations with Bible verses to everybody and backpacks with school supplies to all the children. They were so happy with their gifts.
We hiked out to a remote village in the mountains where some of the church people lived. It's about an hour and a half one way. I was so tired when we got back but it was a lot of fun.
The view was incredible.
The few brave souls who actually made it to the very top of Duende Mountain.

The team did such a great job. Thanks guys for coming, hopefully you will be back soon!!


Christmas Sent from Beavertown!

Christmas sent in a box from Beavertown God's Missionary Church!! Needless to say the boys were thrilled!! They couldn't wait to get them open to see what was inside.
 What could it be?
Wow look at all these presents!!
Cool, an Army shirt!
New clothes for Dan Dan yeeah
What fun opening all these boxes!
I think this was almost better than opening our own presents on Christmas day.
Lego construction set!
A fireman toy set for Dan Dan!
A policeman rain coat. How awesome is that!
One of the biggest surprises was to receive our bags of Christmas candy from the church. It made us a little homesick. It has been years since we had some of this candy and oh so good!!
All of the gifts were so very nice. There were books, clothes and toys for the boys, Hannah got decorations, a cook book, candles and a few things for the kitchen, I got a new tie, a devotional book, and a leather bag! There were so many different people involved in this project, I know Maureen Slavens was one of the organizers and we just want to say a big thank you to each one who sent their gifts. It made us feel so special and loved. May God bless you!!!