Somebody Was Praying

If there is anything we want as missionaries is to have the unction, the blessing and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our ministry. For sometime I had felt like our services were too dry, the same-old-same-old and we needed a fresh touch from above. Last night during our Wednesday night service God came. I preached from I John chapter 4 and I talked about perfect love and seeking holiness. God began to speak to our people. At the end of the message the altar began to line. A young lady came forward to be saved. Others came seeking holiness and cleansing. Another man who had been drifting spiritually said that God spoke to him in the service and he needs to get back to where he needs to be spiritually and he has some big decisions to make. It was a long awaited breakthrough and I just want to publicly thank the Lord for His faithfulness. When we humble ourselves and start seeking His face He always hears and responds. More than ever, we need holy hearts and holy fire. Thank you to all who faithfully lift us to the throne of grace, God is answering your prayers!


First Day in the First Grade

Excited to start another school year. I couldn't help but think of a Veggi Tale song that says..."first day in the first grade..."
In his new classroom.
With his teacher Mrs. Coella

Pray that he has a good school year.


Our Trip to San Pedro Sula

This past weekend we took a group of our people to San Pedro Sula to attend the anniversary revival at Roger's church. For many of them it was their first time to ever see San Pedro. Needless to say they were very excited to make the trip.
Daniel had lots of nanny's to hold him all weekend.
There were 29 of us that went. It really helped us to bond as a church and get to know each other a lot better. It was good for everyone. The man in the front of the picture is a new convert, just saved four weeks ago. God is doing incredible things in Giovanni's life. Please pray for him.
San Pedro Sula is famous for its baleadas, (a flour tortilla with refried beans, eggs, and cheese). We enjoyed them so much! It's something we don't get much of here in Tegucigalpa.
The revival was well attended, different churches came in to be part of it, it almost felt like I.H.C. God really helped and it was a real blessing for our people.
Giovanni Figaroa was the evangelist.
On Saturday our group went to downtown San Pedro to see the sights.
Another couple that has been such an inspiration. Roberto and Jenny were saved close to a year ago and God has turned their lives around 180 degrees. I was so proud of them when they sang at the revival. God has really been helping them.
Sunday was dinner on the grounds. A good time of fellowship.
On our trip home, we stopped at Lake Yojoa, (the largest lake in Honduras). 
Safe and sound back home in Tegucigalpa!! Thank the Lord for a wonderful trip!


A Recap of the Last Part of Our Vacation

Here is a little review of the second half of our time in the states.
One day we went with my parents on a ferry ride on the Susquehanna River. It was a very enjoyable experience.
The Hiawatha.
There is nothing like seeing "old glory" fly in the Pennsylvania sun.
This is captain Daniel saying thank you for traveling with us today.
A grandma-grandson moment.
We joined up with a team of people from the Beavertown God's Missionary Church handing out bottled water before the town parade. 
Each bottle was labeled with the church name and a Bible verse. The team passed out more than 2,000 bottles!
We walked behind these trucks filling our bags with water and handing them out to the people seated along the street.
After handing out bottles we watched the parade.
Joseph met up with one of the early pioneers, he even got to hold his gun.
Our last Saturday in Pennsylvania Joseph was the Bible bearer in my cousin's wedding.
Waiting for the wedding to start.
The Bible bearer and flower girl.
The bridal party.
Driving through my hometown Mifflinburg, Pa. It always brings back lots of memories.
Our last few days we spent with Hannah's family in Cincinnati. 
We made a trip over to the Creation Museum.
An archeologist studying dinosaur bones.
Isaiah, Moses, David and of course Joseph.

The blissful garden of Eden.
Monkeying around.
Joseph got to ride his first camel.
One more night of fun with grammy before heading home. Joseph wanted to use his face paint.
Proud supporters of Chik-fil-A and their stand for traditional marriage. We couldn't resist buying something before flying out.
Sunday morning back in Honduras and ready for church.
It's good to be home!!


A Recap of Events

You probably have been wondering what we have been up to lately. Well I finally caught up with the family last Wednesday and we sure have been enjoying our vacation. Here is a recap of some of the things Hannah and the boys did before I got here and what we have done in the last week.
The first part of the trip Hannah and the boys spent some time with her family in Cincinnati. Here is grandma Tumbleson with her five grandsons!
They went camping and boating.
Joseph spending time with grandpa at the campsite.
Grandma and grandpa Tumbleson.

The last part of July they came into Pennsylvania to spend time with my parents. Penns Creek camp was on during that time and Joseph had a blast going to the VBS that the Masons were having called "Pioneer Trailblazers ". One day Joseph got to be Daniel Boone.
Daniel getting his first full haircut. He had been trimmed up before but not fully cut. We wanted to give Nana that privilege.
Looking a lot better!
My parents were planning to come to Honduras during June for Joseph's graduation and birthday but it didn't work out so they decided to have a birthday party while we were home. Joseph wanted a Hawaiian theme.
All ready for the big Lu-ow.
  This Pennsylvania cookin' is making me fat. I gained 5 lbs. in one week!!
You gotta have a pinata.
Clara and Clarke the Clown
Happy Birthday to you...
Opening presents.
This past Monday we headed off to Hershey Chocolate factory and on the way stopped to see Mater.
Getting ready to see the Chocolate 3D movie.
Joseph says this is where he works. His "work" consisted of filling up this box with Hershey kisses.
Overlooking Hershey park.
We also stopped by Hershey gardens and went inside the butterfly house. Very interesting.
I love beautiful Pennsylvania!!
On Tuesday we stopped by Tobias Lake to see the animals.
Getting ready for our big Safari ride. It was lots of fun.
Daniel is always ready for adventure!
Up close and personal with deer and buffalo on the safari ride.
Bernard the Bison.
Feeding the Elk.
My first time ever to try a Buffalo burger. It will probably be my last time. It had a strong "wild game" kind of taste to it. Very unique.
He loved seeing the animals.
Big brave Joseph petting a snake.
Daring Daniel petting an alligator.
One of God's most beautiful creations!!
Aaaaah it feels so good to see the Susquehanna River again. It's been so long.

So there ya have it folks, a recap of the Kuhns family vacation.