Daniel Shares a Laugh


Recap of the Weekend

We had an awesome weekend of services at Las Uvas. There was a good turn out on the first night with visitors from several other churches that came in to support us. God really moved in the service and we ended with seekers around the altar. As you can see in the picture it was very cold!! 
Getting ready to enjoy some of Hannah's good cookin'. Rita and Raul stayed for lunch one day along with the workers Israel, Roger and Bro. Sidney.
Israel did a phenomenal job singing and playing the guitar!
God really used the ministry of Bro. Grant to touch our hearts and challenge us to live holy lives!
On Saturday morning I baptized four candidates but I forgot to take my camera to the baptismal. On Sunday morning we had a combined service with both of our church groups and one lady representing the Las Delicias work. We praise the Lord for the three years we have been working in Las Uvas and we hope God gives the work there many more years!


Revival Weeken

Friday evening starts our revival weekend with Bro. Sidney Grant at the Las Uvas church. We sure would appreciate your prayers for the services and also for our Saturday baptisms. We are expecting great things from God!


Please Pray

I got a phone call today with the sad news that a pastor friend of ours from Siquatepeque lost his 18 year old daughter this afternoon in a tragic accident. I don't know all the details at this point, only that she was run over by a dump truck. I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers during this horrible time. The pastor's name is Jose Fuentes.


God is Glorified!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 40 Hour Fast!! God has been working in awesome ways! Sunday morning our church was full and God moved in the service. Several were seeking the Lord at the altar and one lady got saved! Her husband had gotten saved about three weeks ago and he had really been praying for her, now they are both serving the Lord together as a young couple. We can definitely feel a difference after praying, thanks for taking the time to help carry our burdens, it was not in vain!!We are so grateful to our friends, family and supporters who have taken a keen interest in our ministry. We can't do it without you! Now we just ask for continued prayers throughout this week as Bro. Sidney Grant will be with us for a weekend revival in Las Uvas. We are expecting great things from God.


40 Hour Fast


Daniel's Show

A few weeks ago Daniel had his 45 minutes of fame! The place where he gets his therapy has a tv program every Wednesday on channel 10. It's called Healthy Wednesday. The therapists take one of the children that is in the program along to the TV station and they use them as models to show people at home how to give therapy. This time they wanted Daniel to go along. It was kinda fun to see behind the scenes as to how a show is produced.
In front of the news backdrops. This is Daniel reporting live from Tegucigalpa!!
Getting set up for the program.
Shooting live.
This is what it looked like for viewers at home. One therapist was explaining the exercises to the announcer and answering people's calls while the other therapist was performing the therapy on Daniel.


Little Daniel

Our little munchkin is growing bigger and stronger every day.