What an Amazing Creation

The Creation Museum was one of the most interesting museums I ever visited. I loved it! If you ever get a chance to visit it you have to go!! The museum focuses on the 7C's of the Bible. Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation. It's an amazing journey. It really helped me realize a little better just how sin impacted our world. But despite being under a curse of sin, God's creation is still amazing. The displays, wax figures, animals, bones, and shows helped to tell the Bible story. The planetarium blew my mind as they showed us the vastness of space and just how minute our little world is compared to the immense universe. Outside the museum there is a botanical garden and a petting zoo. It was a great experience and I recommend it to all!!
Archaeologists studying dinosaur bones.

The dinosaurs were great!

The garden of Eden.

Noah's ark

Up close and personal with a camel.

feeding the goats and sheep.

Spending time with family

God's beautiful creation.

Papaw and Ethan


Home in Heaven

Sunday, August 23 my grandmother passed away. We will miss her greatly. She was a hero of the faith, resilient and determined. She always encouraged us to follow God and seek holiness. I will ever be grateful for the Christian heritage that she left us. We were blessed with a wonderful grandmother. Thankfully she is now in a better place worshiping at the feet of Jesus. It's my determination to meet her there some day.


A Special Request

My grandma Hoch has been battling cancer for several years and is very low physically. We would appreciate your prayers for her.



This past weekend my dad, brother and I made a trip to New England. We decided to make a stop in New York City. We took the ferry to the statue of liberty and went up into the pedastal. It was fascinating to see such a world icon up close.

We also stopped at Ellis Island where thousands of immigrants passed on their way to a new life.

Strolling along the streets of Manhattan.

Present day ground zero. A huge construction site.

On the wall of a nearby fire department was this mural depicting that fateful September day.

Some of the firemen who gave their lives in the towers. May we never forget!!


The Freedom Trail, Boston

The second leg of our journey brought us to Boston. We had a lot of fun discovery Revolutionary history while walking the red striped two and half mile, Freedom Trail. One of the sites along the way was the Old North Church made famous by the ride of Paul Revere. It was here in this steeple that the patriots hung the lanterns to warn Boston of the coming red coats. Amazingly enough, on the back wall of the church I found this interesting tid bit of information. The steeple was a gift from Honduran merchants!!!! I didn't know Honduras played such a vital role in our nations history!!

The trail also took us to an old graveyard where we noted a patriot's gravestone riddled with British bullets.

We went on to Bunker Hill where the militia men fought the red coats in a bloody battle. On top of the hill stands a huge monument very similar to the Washington monument.

We decided to make the sweaty, 294 step climb to the top. I thought I would die!!!! It was a great view of Boston from the top!

A burst of light over old gravestones.

A reenactor telling us the story of Samuel Adams.


Plimouth Plantation

The third stop along our weekend vacation was at Plimouth Plantation. A re-creation of what life would have looked like during the mid 1600's. Our first visit was to the Indian village. It was Squanto who helped the Pilgrims to grow better harvests by fertilizing their seed with fish. The Pilgrims and Indians had a friendly but wary relationship.

At Plimouth we could enter the homes and see what every day life was like as well as ask questions to the 'actors' as they went about their business.

Here the musketeers are readying to defend the village.


The Mayflower

Hearing the story of the Pilgrim's and their trip on the Mayflower helped me to appreciate what these people must have went through to make their journey. Over 100 people were crammed into the bottom of a small merchant ship for 66 days at sea. They were not allowed on deck; no fires could be lit for light or heat, it was stale air and darkness for over two months. What great sacrfice and determination those early pilgrims had!


Wedding Bells

Saturday we attended the wedding of Wesley and Janna Cressman. It was a beautiful event held in a gorgeous Lutheran church. The reception was in a tent along a pond at the Cressman residence. We enjoyed it very much.

Joseph felt like a celebrity. He wanted to have his picture taken with the "princess in the castle"

The wedding was also a time for Hannah to see some long lost classmates from college. L-R Lucas Shrout, Wesley and Janna, Me and Hannah and Cassie Norris.
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Ordination Service

Sunday, August 2nd I became an ordained minister. It was a beautiful service as I along with two other men were ordained by the God's Missionary Church conference. I thank God that He ever called me into the ministry. It is a high honor. I feel unworthy, but so happy to be able to serve. All glory be to my Lord and Savior.