The Freedom Trail, Boston

The second leg of our journey brought us to Boston. We had a lot of fun discovery Revolutionary history while walking the red striped two and half mile, Freedom Trail. One of the sites along the way was the Old North Church made famous by the ride of Paul Revere. It was here in this steeple that the patriots hung the lanterns to warn Boston of the coming red coats. Amazingly enough, on the back wall of the church I found this interesting tid bit of information. The steeple was a gift from Honduran merchants!!!! I didn't know Honduras played such a vital role in our nations history!!

The trail also took us to an old graveyard where we noted a patriot's gravestone riddled with British bullets.

We went on to Bunker Hill where the militia men fought the red coats in a bloody battle. On top of the hill stands a huge monument very similar to the Washington monument.

We decided to make the sweaty, 294 step climb to the top. I thought I would die!!!! It was a great view of Boston from the top!

A burst of light over old gravestones.

A reenactor telling us the story of Samuel Adams.