Home in Heaven

Sunday, August 23 my grandmother passed away. We will miss her greatly. She was a hero of the faith, resilient and determined. She always encouraged us to follow God and seek holiness. I will ever be grateful for the Christian heritage that she left us. We were blessed with a wonderful grandmother. Thankfully she is now in a better place worshiping at the feet of Jesus. It's my determination to meet her there some day.


Jess said...

My prayers and sympathies are with you and your family. Grammy was a wonderful woman!
Jessica 'Leamer' Sumner

Dorcas said...

So sorry for your loss! Now so much more of a pull towards Heaven!! We're praying for your family!

Eric & Hannah,

So sorry to hear this news - not sorry for her, but for those who are left to grieve. We'll be praying for your family.

Tiffany said...

Eric, I'm so sorry for your loss!! You are all in my thoughts and prayers!!

Eileen said...

Hannah I am so sorry about your Grandmother. I know what it is to lose a Grandmother mine has been gone 33 years, Ruth was 3 mos. when Grandma passed. She to was my icon. She helped me to find Jesus.
Enjoy the remainder of your time in the states. Lord Bless You!