Please Pray for Me This Weekend

I'm getting ready to head South! I'll be going to Salamaji, Nicaragua to preach a weekend seminar on holiness at Julio's church. I would really appreciate your prayers, I want to be a blessing to the church and help them understand holiness a little bit better and create in them a hunger for it. Julio and his family are a great team, along with his church he preaches at two or three other preaching points and is working hard for the kingdom. I'm looking forward to a good weekend.


Las Uvas Celebrates 2 Years

We are praising God for a wonderful weekend revival at Las Uvas. It was one of the best revivals we have had there. It was also the church's second anniversary. We always celebrate the church anniversary with a revival, it seems to be the custom here in Honduras.
Roger did a very good job preaching, the Lord really used him in a powerful way. The messages were exactly what we needed to hear. Thanks to all of you who prayed for these services, God really helped!!
Roger preaching the last service.

 The crowds grew each night. I didn't get a good count on Sunday night but I'm guessing there were about 60 or so that came to the last service.
 Baudilio and Samuel are our faithful guitarists. They were our revival musicians.
 Enjoying Sunday lunch with Roger's family and some of our church people.

 The two Rogers. Roger Jr is 15 years old.

 As you can see, our Las Uvas crowd are mainly poor people. But they are learning to give and to work for the church. One of the special things they did that I didn't even ask them to do was to decorate the church. They were simple decorations but special. They also cooked a meal for all that came on the last night. They worked hard and a did a great job, I was so proud of them!!
We had three people come forward to pray for salvation. Two of them were some of the boys from our Tiloarque. Ricky(seated on the far right) and Leo (smiling in the back corner) both came forward to pray. These boys first started coming to our church when we first started our ministry. They have grown up so much and it's exciting to see their interest in spiritual things. Please pray for them.


Joseph's Picture

Joseph asked me to take this picture and put it on the blog. I'm not sure the reasoning behind it but here it is. He is holding decorations from the revival.


Pray for This Weeekend

The Las Uvas church is celebrating two years!!! We will be holding a special weekend of services with Roger Ortiz and his family from San Pedro Sula. Please pray for him and others who will be ministering Friday thru Sunday. Pray for a special outpouring of God's presence and that many lives will touched and changed!


Garage Sale

Our church people held another garage sale this weekend. All the funds went to our building fund. We are saving up money so we have something ready for when it's time to buy and build. Anyways, we had a lot of fun. Our people donated clothes, kitchen utensils and food. We made about $150 which doesn't some like much but it means a lot when it's the church people working and giving for the church. It seems like a lot more when you realize that, that amount of money is one man's monthly salary.
These are called pastelitos. They are sooo good. Don't ask me how to make them I just know they are stuffed with rice and ground beef with grated cheese on top. Some of the ladies sold these and Hannah sold pizza at the garage sale.
In the mix of donated clothes was a ladies outfit or pajamas or something that looked like a Santa Claus costume. So Don Raul tried it on and it fit perfectly. Joseph had to get his picture with Santa.


A Budding Artist

Joseph's new fad is coloring. He is constantly taking my printer paper to draw on and always asking me to print out new coloring pages. Every piece of art gets hung up around the house especially in my office. Sometimes it feels like we live in an art gallery. haha. He tells me different times, "I'm an a good artist dad". He does pretty good for a four year old. Maybe he'll be the next Thomas Kincaid.
The other day I came home and opened the door to this scene. All the kitchen chairs turned around with his pictures taped to the backs of the chairs. Excuse his mismatching pajamas, I guess that's part of the art too. He was pretty proud of his little gallery.


The making of "David and Goliath"

This is our version of David and Goliath. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.


Thank You So Much

Thanks for all the congratulations and kind words. We are very excited about our new bundle of joy that is on the way.