Las Uvas Celebrates 2 Years

We are praising God for a wonderful weekend revival at Las Uvas. It was one of the best revivals we have had there. It was also the church's second anniversary. We always celebrate the church anniversary with a revival, it seems to be the custom here in Honduras.
Roger did a very good job preaching, the Lord really used him in a powerful way. The messages were exactly what we needed to hear. Thanks to all of you who prayed for these services, God really helped!!
Roger preaching the last service.

 The crowds grew each night. I didn't get a good count on Sunday night but I'm guessing there were about 60 or so that came to the last service.
 Baudilio and Samuel are our faithful guitarists. They were our revival musicians.
 Enjoying Sunday lunch with Roger's family and some of our church people.

 The two Rogers. Roger Jr is 15 years old.

 As you can see, our Las Uvas crowd are mainly poor people. But they are learning to give and to work for the church. One of the special things they did that I didn't even ask them to do was to decorate the church. They were simple decorations but special. They also cooked a meal for all that came on the last night. They worked hard and a did a great job, I was so proud of them!!
We had three people come forward to pray for salvation. Two of them were some of the boys from our Tiloarque. Ricky(seated on the far right) and Leo (smiling in the back corner) both came forward to pray. These boys first started coming to our church when we first started our ministry. They have grown up so much and it's exciting to see their interest in spiritual things. Please pray for them.


What a blessing I received this morning as I read about the meetings and how God was faithful. Keep up the good work. God still has greater things ahead. By the way when are we planning another fast? Just wondering.

Isn't that Eduardo with them. How is he doing. I remember he was so good in service and was faithful in attending. Has he become a Christian yet? What about Jonny? Where is he at?

Jeanne said...

what a great time you must have had..
and what a great group of people...