New Theme!

Next Sunday we start our new theme, ¨the two roads¨. We are really excited. The kids are going to be working for a prize as they learn, the prize is a new school backpack stuffed full with school supplies. The kids think that is just awsome! They all want to win. They will rack up points by memorizing their verses, bringing friends and faithful attendance. Yesterday was a really good Sunday for us. Our numbers had dropped down to about 9 on Sunday afternoons. Some of the kids hadn´t come to class in months!! Yesterday God answered prayer!!! We had 15! We even had some kids come back who had missed for a long time. We are so encouraged. God is answering prayer. Help us pray for new kids during this theme.


Fold, fold, fold!!

We had some friends come over the other day to start folding all our brochures. I had searched high and low for a place to fold these and nobody can do it. Not even Office Depot!! Go figure. So we will just do them ourselves!! We got 624 folded that day.


What A Nice Card!

We would like to extend our sincere thanks for all the beautiful Christmas cards. Thanks for thinking of us!


Operation Invitation

They are finally here! Our goal for 2008 is to present these 2,000 brochures to every house and family in our community. We are calling it Operation Invitation. These brochures introduce who we are and the ministries we are involved in. Please help us pray that we will accomplish our goal and make new contacts through this endeavor. There is also a page on how to be saved. Pray that these brochures would touch hearts and open doors!!


And the winner is...

A few weeks ago we finished our theme "Fruits of the Spirit". Eduardo was the winner! He memorized all his verses and was very faithful to attend. He did a super job. The prize was $10 and a meal in whatever restaurant he wanted. He decided to go to pizza hut. Way to go Eduardo!


x-treme 4wheeler


Time to Kick Off a New Year

I just got back from a trip to San Pedro Sula. Part of my time there was spent with our other two pastors planning for 2008. Jose Fuentes (on the left side of the picture) is pastoring in a town called Siquatepeque, Roger (to the right side of the pic) is pastoring in San Pedro. These are great guys. I enjoy working with them. Our team is small right now but God is helping us. Pray for us that this will be a very spiritual year for all of us in our separate ministries.


Two Baptismals

While in San Pedro I assisted pastor Roger with two baptismals. There was a rare cold snap that weekend and it had rained for about two days. So things were a bit chilly. We arrived at a beautiful mountain stream about thirty minutes from Roger's house. It was a nice clear stream. But man, the water was sooooo cold. My legs were numb! Nevertheless, it was a special event. It is always exciting to baptize new believers and see them grow in Christ, whether the water is cold or not it is worth it!


Services in San Pedro Sula

I really enjoyed my time in San Pedro Sula, the temperature was a lot more cooler than normal which made it all the more nicer. Here are a few pics of Roger's church. One day I looked out the window to see a horse relaxing in the cool grass. You just never know what you are going to see.

I was privileged to speak Saturday and Sunday nights. God helped in both services. Sunday night right before I was to get up to speak the electricity went out. If this would have happened in the states it would have been panic mode. Not here, we all waited as they lit four candles on the pulpit and went on as normal. I believe this was the first time I ever preached by candle light. God really helped us too, despite the darkness. A missionary must be ready for anything.


New Years

We had a group of young people come to our house New Year's eve. For many of them it was our first time to meet. They were really nice kids.
We played Imaginiff, I translated the options as best as I could. They loved it. Hannah made spaghetti and garlic bread, it disappeared in no time.