With Love...


Come and Dine

We finally have a table!! Little by little our house is coming together.


Let It Flow...

For two months now the water tower on our house has been under construction. We will soon have water 24/7. They even put a hook up in case Hannah ever gets a washing machine. They now have plans to put another small apartment over the back of our yard which will put a roof over the area where we plan to have a church. God is so good, we don´t even have to pay to have it done, God is building a church for us for free!!


The Tomato War

Back when Hannah and I were in school we used to tease each other that Hannah was going to grow tomatoes and I was going to grow broccoli. Because I hate tomatoes and she hates broccoli. When we moved to our house we had a tomato plant already growing in our little front yard. I guess she won after all.


Our Address

We can safely and securely recieve mail at our house. If you would ever like to send us a letter please write to us at:

Eric & Hannah Kuhns
Colonia Tiloarque, 1 Etapa,
Calle Principal, Casa No. 1719
De la ciudad de Comayaguela, Honduras C.A.

You can also email us at:


The World Forgot Thanksgiving

Many of you should be ashamed for passing Thanksgiving and never giving thanks. You all are like the 9 lepers who walked away from Jesus never saying thank you.

Well the world may have missed Thanksgiving but we sure didn´t. We celebrated with all our might. Hannah cooked up a storm, making a delicious pumpkin pie, a juicy chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing. We had the works. We invited our friend Larry to come and join us, he was excited he said ¨I´ll be there with bells on ¨. We might be a long way from home but we were going to celebrate just as if we were in the states.

While Hannah cooked I thought I would call my family and wish them a happy thanksgiving. That´s when we received the disturbing news...it was not thanksgiving...thanksgiving was a week away. We couldn´t believe it! We thought for sure Thanksgiving was always the third Thursday of November, evidently not.

Nevertheless, we didn´t tell our friend any different, and it sure didn´t change the taste of the food, and we were still thankful for God´s blessings. One good thing, we can start playing Christmas music before everyone else!


Breaking News ( Literally )

At 4 and a half months Joseph has his first tooth!!!




Our Little Hero


Weekend Revival

This past weekend we made a four hour trip to San Pedro Sula. Roger Ortiz and his family have been working there for eight years and a year ago a daughter church was started. ( Roger and his family are on the left of the photo, the pastor of the new church and his family are on the right) This new church was celebrating their one year anniversary and I was to preach a weekend revival. God helped! We had a good turn out, even a dog showed up. It was exciting to get familiar with this new pastor and his congregation they are wonderful people. They had been meeting in a garage but within the past few months they have built a new church building that is still unfinished. Pray for this little band of believers.


Four New Baptisms

One of the highlights of our trip was to help officiate in a baptismal. Sunday morning the church people gathered together and we all traveled to a beautiful river side. It was a perfect day.

We sang several hymns and the four candidates gave their testimonies how God had changed their lives. It was interesting to see pigs meander nearby and see some of the town people washing their clothes on the rocks. But God met with us.

I had never officiated in a baptismal so working together Roger baptized two and I baptized the other two candidates. It was a very exciting day!


Where did that banana come from?

On our way home from the baptism we passed one of the Chiquita banana groves. They have plastic bags covering the bananas to protect them the cool nights. After the bananas are harvested they chop down the tree and a new tree grows for the next harvest. The next time you eat a Chiquita banana you may be eating one right from this grove