Precious Little Daniel

Joseph loves being a big brother!!
He eats and sleeps a lot!


What An Adventure!

I feel like I have hardly had time to breath I have been on the go so much and so many exciting things have happened. Sunday Daniel was born, I dedicated a church, took a trip to Nicaragua for a Sunday night service and Monday baptismal, came back to Tegucigalpa on Monday night, packed on Tuesday and got a bus to San Pedro Sula where I caught a plane at 1:20 A.M. to fly to Fort Lauderdale, from Ft. Lauderdale to Charlotte, N.C. from Charlotte to Columbus,Ohio and from Columbus all the way to the hospital in Cincinnati. But all the effort was worth seeing my family and especially Daniel. What a sweet little guy. Even though he is four weeks early he is doing really good. He is eating good, looking around and is just a champ! Joseph has been bouncing off the walls with excitement. He is the proud big brother and is doing a good job at it. He keeps saying "Isn't Daniel adorable?".
Joseph just had to feed him a bottle.
There is one proud grandmother!
This is one of the nurses that helped to deliver him.
Flowers from family and friends.
He just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.
Sleeping with his hand tucked under his chin. So cute!!


Daniel Laith Kuhns!!!!

 What a surprise! I'm a proud father again! Daniel Laith Kuhns was born on Sunday, April 17th and weighed  6 lb.s and 6 oz. We were all taken off guard because Hannah's due date was May 12th. I was in the middle of a really busy weekend when I got the phone call from Hannah that she was on her way to the hospital. We were getting ready to start the service to dedicate the Las Uvas church. So I told the people to pray for Hannah and they were all excited! After the service I got another phone call saying that Daniel was born cesarean and he and mommy were doing great! That's when my phone died. We had to make a trip into Nicaragua and I didn't have any phone service so at least I got to find out what it was before leaving. Right now I'm packing and getting ready to fly home tomorrow morning. Pray for traveling mercies, I feel so terrible that I couldn't have been with Hannah and Joseph but the Lord knows all about it. Children are a blessing from the Lord and now I have been doubly blessed!!! So excited. I can't wait to hold my new little boy.


Ready for a Great Weekend!

This is pastor Ovidio Escobar, H.I.M. pastor from Key West, Florida. He is originally from Guatemala. We first met last year in Hobe Sound. He has an incredible story of God's saving grace and has a passion for souls. His vision is to plant churches and increase the kingdom!! Pray for him as he ministers this weekend, this is his first time in Honduras.
Where's Waldo? Can you find John Dykes??


Gearing Up!

I'm really excited about this weekend. This is a real mile marker for our ministry and I thank God for how He has helped us. Yesterday some of the ladies of the church went shopping for decorations and food for the dedication at Las Uvas. I love it when our people get excited about the church and are willing to work and help. Here some of them are in the market doing some shopping.
It was a hot day!! After getting their shopping done they enjoyed some Chinese food for lunch.


Something I Like in Honduras

Honduras may not have all the conveniences that we would normally have in the states. We don't have a real Wal-mart, or Target and we don't have Cabelas. But there are neat little things here that you won't see in the states. Take for instance this key maker. He has a van with his tools, and a little generator to run his cutting machines and he sets up store right along the road. I just had to pull off the side of the road and in about three minutes I had three copies of my keys made. haha. How cool is that?


Big Weekend Ahead!

Please be praying for our church revival that starts this coming Friday night here at our church in Tiloarque. John Dykes along with Ovidio Escobar will be flying in from Florida for the meeting. Pray for Bro. Ovidio as he will be preaching and for Julio and Nemecio who are coming from Nicaragua to sing. I'm expecting a great weekend. I know God wants to do something special in our church!! This is our anniversary revival, the church is celebrating three years!!

This coming Sunday will be a combined service between both churches. We will be dedicating the newly constructed church at Las Uvas. This is a big moment for us. I'm so excited. Pray that all goes well and that God is glorified.

Sunday night we will be in Nicaragua for an evening service at the H.I.M. church in Salamaji. Pray for traveling mercies.


Have You Thought About This Question Lately?

I try to think about this question every day. I want to be ready to go to heaven. No doubts, no worries no shades of gray. I'm glad I know I'm ready to die. Are you ready?


Good Revival Singing


Revival in Nicaragua

It's good to be safely home after a weekend revival in Nicaragua. Thanks to all of you who prayed. It's customary that when a church celebrates its anniversary to have a revival. The Nicaragua church is celebrating seven years!! I felt God's help each night as I preached and there were many who came forward to pray and seek spiritual help. Each time I visit the church I feel more and more at home, these are very special people.
Having a good season of prayer.
Singing their hearts out. I love to hear them sing!
On the road to Nicaragua just a short distance from Tegucigalpa there are some big wash outs. They are finally getting around to fixing some of these after about two years.
Beautiful Honduran mountains.
Horses are still commonly used in the mountain villages.


Fire Jugglers

I always enjoy seeing the jugglers and flame throwers perform at red lights. It's their way of making a living. I would rather they throw some sticks around rather than throw a gun in my face and steal my money. So once in awhile I give them some money. They are fun to watch.


How to Quarry a Rock in 10 Minutes

I was visiting Melvin the other day and watching him work. He makes a living quarrying rock. It was incredible to see him tear this rock apart in such a short time. I thought you might like to see how it's done.