Never Before Blogged Pictures

These are random pics from the past. This pic was taken at the jr. sr. banquet when I was in college. My friend Doug Rine and I were doing a Laurel and Hardy imitation.

These were the juniors that threw the banquet for us seniors.

This picture is from my days as a youth pastor. We had weekly Bible studies in our apartment.

Guys from our youth group. 

We had a valentine banquet with our youth. It was a lot of fun. Do you know anybody in this picture?
During our first deputation tour we went to Lake Placid, NY. We visited the ice skating rink where Hannah became a hockey star for about five minutes.
We had this picture taken last summer when we were home on deputation but I never blogged it.

Look how much he has grown in about two years.


The Results Are In!

Prayer and fasting always work!! Today was a good day of services but especially this morning. God helped us in a very special way. Even though today was valentines day, I felt the Lord lay on my heart the verses in Proverbs that talk about "go to the ant thou sluggard and consider her ways". So believe it or not I talked about ants. I talked about how they have self-control and they automatically do what they are supposed to do without someone having to tell them all the time. I also talked about how they prepare ahead of time for winter. My spiritual points was that we need to do what we know we are supposed to do without the preacher or anyone else getting after us to do it all the time and that we need to prepare for "winter" when our bodies are asleep in death by getting things made right with God.

It was a simple message but God helped. We had two new converts at the altar at the end of the message!! Praise God! God answered your prayers and rewarded your fasting. Thank you so much!! Some of our church people participated in this fast and they were all saying after wards how prayer and fasting is so powerful. They want to do it more often. Rita said that she fasted the whole forty hours and it was tough because neighbors offered her food but she stuck it out and this morning her son Pedro was at the altar. Also Jose and Xiomara fasted a good part of the forty hours and their daughter was praying this morning. Prayer and fasting never fail!! We give God all the praise.

Fabiola's parents have been praying for her for quite awhile. Today their prayers were answered!
Pedro is a good young man. We thank the Lord that he is raising up young men to help lead the church.


Thanks for Participating

We want to say big thank you to all of our friends and supporters for helping us with the forty hour fast. I think we were pretty close to our goal of 24 participants. Thank you so much. I already sense that God is helping and we are expecting great things from the Lord! God bless you all!


Joseph's First Day of School

Today we sent our little boy off to his first day of school. He was so excited. He ate his breakfast, got dressed, we had our devotions and out the door he went. We thought he might cry when we left but he didn't have an problems. He was right at home. We are so proud of him! He is attending a bilingual pre-school about a block from our house.
One of the first things he did this morning was make sure he had his lunch packed. 

A beautiful sunny morning to walk to school.

Sitting with wonder as he waits to start his first day of classes.


Get Ready to Fight!

I have been a little discouraged lately. In so many ways it seems like we are spinning our wheels. Our people have been under attack by the enemy for months. Lots of people have been sick, Sandra is fighting cancer and has missed several services, others have turned back to sin, just a number of things. But it's not time to quite it's time to pray and fast. I was so encouraged on our trip to Nicaragua to hear from some of the New Guinea guys how they prayed and fasted things to pass in their country. It's amazing. I'm convinced it's what we need to do if we ever want to see victory.

Starting this coming Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. February 10th we are starting another 40 hour fast that will end on Friday at noon. If you remember back about a year and a half ago we did this and it launched our first church. Now we need to pray and fast for conviction, holiness, and revival among our people. Will you join us? Maybe you cannot physically do a 40 hour fast but could you do 20 or 10 hours? Could you at least request prayer in your church so others will pray? Help us conquer territory from Satan and see victories won. God will honor our prayer and fasting.

We would like to get a group of 24 people to help us fast the forty hours. If you would like to participate send me an email and let us know. You can write me at  Spread and word and rally the troops it's time to attack the enemy!


Nicaragua Trip

January went by like the wind, we have been so busy. Last week we joined up with a TLC team from Hobe Sound, Florida. They came to work with one of our H.I.M. pastors in Nicaragua. Boy, did we ever have fun. It was a great group. Pastor Julio has one main church but then he has about 3 outposts where he meets and hold services. We visited all of his groups and held services with them and then after the service the group distributed blankets to all the families. The people really appreciated it.

Here is Joseph on the bus getting ready to go to Managua to pick up the group at the airport. He loves riding buses.

Our first service was at Santa Rosa one of Julio's outposts. This village is almost 100% communist sympathizers. Nevertheless we had a really good turn-out and we were able to share with them the gospel.

 Joseph made lots of friends.

The group shared a puppet story for the kids.

Joy Budensiek is the director of TLC. She also authored the book "Jesus My Very Best Friend" that the lady is holding.

Handing out blankets at the main church.

One of Julio's outposts is about a 3 mile hike back into the mountains. It's about a two hour walk. So we loaded up a donkey to carry our blankets and food. Joseph really liked the donkey.

After we reached the mountain village we held a small service for the villagers.

The people were very anxious to get a blanket it can get chilly up in the mountains.

Joan enjoying the view of the river below.

If I remember right, Sis. Budensiek's granddaughter made this blanket. Here is a special little boy that received it.

It got dark on the hike home so part of the way we had to walk by moonlight. It was so pretty.

James is from New Guinea. It almost looks like he is back home in this picture. This was at a coffee plantation that we visited.

It was coffee harvest time. All these men stay here at the farm and pick coffee during the season. We held a little service with them and gave them blankets.

We were way out in the boonies. This farm was close to the Honduran border. The man in the jeans standing by the truck is the plantation owner. His two brothers were killed by the communists back in the 80's along this road.

At another outpost. Pastor Julio is playing the guitar.

Another happy lady with her blanket.

The team passed out literature as we road about the village.

They also distributed food to some of the needy.