Never Before Blogged Pictures

These are random pics from the past. This pic was taken at the jr. sr. banquet when I was in college. My friend Doug Rine and I were doing a Laurel and Hardy imitation.

These were the juniors that threw the banquet for us seniors.

This picture is from my days as a youth pastor. We had weekly Bible studies in our apartment.

Guys from our youth group. 

We had a valentine banquet with our youth. It was a lot of fun. Do you know anybody in this picture?
During our first deputation tour we went to Lake Placid, NY. We visited the ice skating rink where Hannah became a hockey star for about five minutes.
We had this picture taken last summer when we were home on deputation but I never blogged it.

Look how much he has grown in about two years.


mama2ryleigh said...

Well that explains the yards & yards of red tulle that's still in the parsonage basement. I wondered where it came from & now I know! :-)

Eric said...

hahaha are you serious? That was probably us.

Loved the random photos. keep 'em comin"

Jeanne said... "Hannah the hockey player"...

Anonymous said...

oh my Eric! what pictures! :)
have a good day! renae:)