The Results Are In!

Prayer and fasting always work!! Today was a good day of services but especially this morning. God helped us in a very special way. Even though today was valentines day, I felt the Lord lay on my heart the verses in Proverbs that talk about "go to the ant thou sluggard and consider her ways". So believe it or not I talked about ants. I talked about how they have self-control and they automatically do what they are supposed to do without someone having to tell them all the time. I also talked about how they prepare ahead of time for winter. My spiritual points was that we need to do what we know we are supposed to do without the preacher or anyone else getting after us to do it all the time and that we need to prepare for "winter" when our bodies are asleep in death by getting things made right with God.

It was a simple message but God helped. We had two new converts at the altar at the end of the message!! Praise God! God answered your prayers and rewarded your fasting. Thank you so much!! Some of our church people participated in this fast and they were all saying after wards how prayer and fasting is so powerful. They want to do it more often. Rita said that she fasted the whole forty hours and it was tough because neighbors offered her food but she stuck it out and this morning her son Pedro was at the altar. Also Jose and Xiomara fasted a good part of the forty hours and their daughter was praying this morning. Prayer and fasting never fail!! We give God all the praise.

Fabiola's parents have been praying for her for quite awhile. Today their prayers were answered!
Pedro is a good young man. We thank the Lord that he is raising up young men to help lead the church.


Oh Wow! That is amazing! Praise the Lord! I was expecting something awsome to happen.....and it did. All Glory and honor goes to Him. It really does pay to fast and pray. Help me Lord to do it more often too.

Kristen said...

That is awesome!

Jeanne said...

that is exciting!!!!

Praise the Lord for His help!

Our family enjoyed watching your DVD that Eric gave us the other night. We could identify with MANY of the things that y'all mentioned as hardships, etc.

May God continue to bless y'all's efforts there.

Dorcas said...

That is awesome!! God is good!!