Goodbye to all of our family and friends once again. It was a wonderful time home. We are preparing to leave for Newark airport for a 5:45 a.m. flight to Houston Texas and then on to Tegucigalpa. We should be home by noon Thursday, October 1st. Please remember us in your prayers. We love you all!!
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A beautiful day in the Susquahanna Valley

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Bye Doug, Sarah and Cayden. We will miss you guys. Thanks for all the fun.
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The Shrouts

We have so enjoyed seeing old friends. Last night we were able to spend some time with Lucas and Hannah Shrout. Thanks guys for a wonderful time. We will miss you!
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Inside Tegucigalpa

Half way through this video where it shows the protesters shouting on the street, this is where Hannah and I would get off the bus and walk this street to our language school to study Spanish. We are still planning to return this week if the airport is still open.


More Problems

Mel Zelaya is still holed up in the Brazilian embassy and is calling on his supporters for "the last stand". The interim government has been cracking down on protests and is trying to get the country back to order. Some of the constitutional civil rights have been suspended temporarily until things return to a calm. Police now have authority to arrest anyone or shut down any media outlets that are promoting insurrection. Here is a recent news update from Fox news.


Got Milk?

My uncle Paul and Aunt Barb took us to a nearby farm where they milk their cows on a special carousel. About 35 cows can fit on the carousel at a time. The milk gets pumped into a large tank and within about 8 minutes the cows are done and back out of the stall. This particular farm milks about 500 cows three times a day. It was fascinating to watch.

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Turmoil in Honduras

In a daring attempt to retake power in Honduras ex president Mel Zelaya returned to Tegucigalpa and is holed up in the Brazilian embassy. The country is under a curfew until tomorrow and all airports were closed today. This of course put our plans to return on hold. We were able to change our tickets until October 1st as we wait to see if things will calm down enough for us to return next week. Please help us pray for this situation. We would really like to get back to Honduras and be with our people.


The Great White Chair

Sunday afternoon somebody got the brilliant idea of attempting a family photo on the great white wicker chair. Well as I discovered long ago it is almost impossible to try to get a decent picture with Joseph. He is constantly squirming, grinning like an alien, moving at the last minute or pouting.
Here is a prime example of what I'm talking about. Notice the amazing facial expression.

The media coverage was amazing!

Finally after shooting from every possible angle and nearly exhausting our batteries, a decent shot emerges.

My wonderful parents.

The entire family.

My brother Steve, his wife Mandy and their two boys Brady and Holden.

My oldest brother Scott.


Pennsylvania Farewell Party

Saturday the 19th was another farewell get-together. We played Bocce ball, a game I had never heard of but I discovered it's a lot of fun. The gist is you have two teams, the red and the black. Somebody tosses a small little white ball out into the yard. Then you take turns trying to get your ball closest to the white ball for points.

Giants were roaming about as it began to get dark.

My cousins made some awesome home-made ice cream.

Then we divulged into a chocolate, peanut butter mousse cake that sent me to heaven and back. ooooooooh was it good. mmmmmm.

Clara the Clown was a smashing hit. She first appeared at Joseph's birthday party in June. Well, he hasn't stopped talking about her ever since so for one last hoopta rah she came to the farewell party. Boy was he a happy camper, he just loves her!!

Some of the finest sparkler art you will ever see.


Goodbye Ohio

Thursday night Hannah's family threw us a going away party. Not everyone could show up but there was a good group. We ate pizza and chips, cake and ice cream and the kids had a pinata.

This is aunt Dawn with her grandson James.

Hannah's family. (L-R) Her stepfather Wilbur, her mother Deborah, Nathaniel, Sarah, Hannah then Elizabeth.

Grandma and Grandpa Kennedy with two of their grandchildren, Samantha and Jacob.

Uncle Tim and his family.

Uncle Todd and his family

Hannah's cousin Charity and her husband Brandon and their two children.


The Countdown

This is our last week in Ohio. So it's time to say our final good-bye's. We enjoyed a visit with the Daryl Hausman family, they are really special people. We spent some time with Wesley Cresman and his wife Jana at God's Bible School. And as always it was a joy to see the Reiff's. We were so thankful for their help over the summer they did a wonderful job.


A Boat Load of Fun

We really enjoyed our time out on the lake the other evening with Hannah's cousin Wayne and her uncle Tim. Joseph even got to help drive the boat!