What A Great Year! June 30th

It´s hard to believe it´s already been a year since Joseph was born. He is growing so fast. We wish him the best birthday ever! ( It´s going to be since it´s been his only one ). Happy 1st Birthday!


Arab Party

We are taking advantage of Joseph´s upcoming birthday to invite some of our Arab friends over for a party. Hannah is already getting some of the menu together. This will be the first time for them to visit our house. She is a little nervous, but as usual I´m sure everything will go fine. The big party is planned for July 7th.


Joseph having fun with his friend Jefferson. These two are quite a pair. Double Trouble!


Cow Stomach Lunch

We were invited to our friend´s house for Mondongo soup ( cow stomach ). Nidia fixed some of the best Mondongo I have tasted yet. It was great. Hannah brought a scrumptious coconut cream pie. After lunch we had a little Bible study under the shade tree. It was a wonderful time together.


Don´t Touch My Batter!

The other day Hannah whipped up some peanut butter cups for us. Joseph jealously guarded his batter beater dripping with peanut butter.


Now this is the life. Just hang around in a swing, sipping yogurt drinks. It doesn´t get any better than this.


Walk, walk, walk....

Joseph is practicing walking. He still isn´t up and about on his own but getting very close. He is easily side tracked by interesting things that may be lying on the floor or sidewalk. Mind over matter.


Presidencial Palace

This is the former White House of Honduras. Now the National Archives. I love the Spanish architecture.


New Theme

We are proud to announce the new theme for Sunday School. " Christian Soldiers ". We would appreciate your prayers over the next six weeks as we talk to the children about God's armour. The kids are excited about it. Here is an announcement we hung in the local internet shop. We hope to see some new kids start coming.


Meet Jefferson. This is Glenda's youngest son. He often comes along with her to our house when she comes to study. He is a sweet little boy.


Making Baleadas

Glenda has been faithfully attending our discipliship classes. God is really helping her. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. She has really faced some battles but she continues on. We in turn have recieved some instruction from her. How to make baleadas, a type of food she sells along the street. They are delicious. Hannah learned quickly and did a pretty good job at her first try. Here they are making the shells. Once these are done you fill them with refried beans, cheese and a buttery mayonaise type substance. Some people also add eggs. However it is done, they are usually always very good.


Street Cleaner

Everybody litters here in Honduras. I see junk being thrown out of cars all the time. So quite often you will see a street sweeper like this lady. They walk along the sidewalks sweeping the junk out of the gutters and piling in wheelbarrows. Just recently where this lady was working, it was flooded out after some heavy rains because the drains were clogged with garbage. I guess it's all part of city life. My hats are off to these people. I'm guessing they put a good days work in for maybe $5 a day!


English Class 101

Hannah started an English class at our house on Thursday nights. She is teaching two of sister Ingrid's grandchildren. We havn't made this class public we may do so in the near future. There is a real interest here to learn English. I'm sure she could quickly get a good size group.


Waiting for the bus

I was down to the market a few days ago and took these shots. When you are poor and you cant afford a car this is how you get around. Hop a bus. It's funny to see school names on the sides of these buses that may have once passed your house in the United States. They are putting them to good use here.


Making Disciples

We have started Bible studies with our new convert Glenda. She knows nothing about the Bible, she didn´t even have a Bible. She will be coming twice a week to study on Mondays and Thursdays.
She faces a lot of battles. She is a single mother of four and has started selling baleadas ( a tortilla shell filled with refriend beans and cheese ). We are helping her by buying beans, cheese and a few other supplies. This little business is helping to cover her rent and feed her children while she tries to get on her feet financially.
Please pray for Glenda. She needs understanding of God´s Word. Pray that she will remain faithful to the Lord. It´s not going to be easy. But God definitely wants to do something special with this young lady and her children.


Joseph Gets a Box

Yesterday Joseph recieved a box from his nana Kuhns all the way from Pennsylvania. It was full of nice clothes and a few little toys. What a nice gift!! He loved it very much. Thank you nana. We love you!!


Eric, Hannah & Curly

Joseph just keeps growing and growing. The back of his hair is really starting to curl up. He is winning the world with his smile and friendliness. Something new has been doing is to bend over on his head and look back between his legs. He can be very funny at times.


Here is a family pic we had taken on Mother´s Day when we were home in the states.


New Church Furniture

We were excited to get two new 5 foot altars and a new lecturn fresh from the carpinters shop. Now we hope to soon see these altars full of seeking hearts.