Making Disciples

We have started Bible studies with our new convert Glenda. She knows nothing about the Bible, she didn´t even have a Bible. She will be coming twice a week to study on Mondays and Thursdays.
She faces a lot of battles. She is a single mother of four and has started selling baleadas ( a tortilla shell filled with refriend beans and cheese ). We are helping her by buying beans, cheese and a few other supplies. This little business is helping to cover her rent and feed her children while she tries to get on her feet financially.
Please pray for Glenda. She needs understanding of God´s Word. Pray that she will remain faithful to the Lord. It´s not going to be easy. But God definitely wants to do something special with this young lady and her children.


~Heather~ said...

Bless Glenda's heart! I cannot imagine being a single Mother of 1 child, let alone 4! So glad that y'all are helping her to learn about God, plus helping her with her work situation.

God bless y'all's labors for Him...your little boy is CUTE!

Do you ever see Zach and Sarah Robberts, or have any way to contact them? We were with them for 8 months in Costa Rica...and would love to get back in contact with them. THANKS!

Love, Heather and family in Colombia =)

lizzie said...

We're so proud of you guys!!