Our Trip to Pa part 1

We were thrilled to be able to make a trip to Pennsylvania to speak at the Central Pennsylvania Youth Convention. The boys were bouncing off the walls with excitement!
On the train going between terminals at the Atlanta airport. Daniel kept calling out, "all aboard".
We arrived into Baltimore airport at about midnight. We were surprised by a welcoming committee of 26 people holding banners and yelling "welcome home"!!!!!! We felt so special and honored. What a wonderful church.
There would have been about forty people. But a big snow storm kept many of them at home. What a great welcome!!!
We were only expecting my mom and dad. What a surprise!!
Outside the airport was a big coach bus ready to take us all home!!
My mom had our favorite pies waiting for us when we got home. Hannah's was a chocolate and mine a coconut cream!!!!!
Before we left Honduras, Joseph  prayed that we would have snow during our trip. He especially wanted Daniel to see because he had never seen snow. As we drove home from the airport it began to snow and the next morning we woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland. God answered Joseph's prayers!! They had the time of their lives playing in the snow. Joseph said, "this is one of the best day's of my life".
Daniel kept eating the snow and saying "ice cream". He thought everything was covered in ice cream!!!
Snow angels!!!
Decorating his snowman.
The finished product.
Then we built a snow fort.
Joseph defended his fort pretty well from a heavy attack.
Mortars were dropping from all sides.


Pablo and Norma's Wedding

Pablo and Norma are new converts from our church in Las Uvas. God has been working in amazing ways in their lives. Pablo quit his drinking and has made an incredible change. Together as a family they finished discipleship and are preparing for baptism.
Pablo is from Nicaragua and we had to go to Managua to get his needed papers for his wedding. God did miracle after miracle to get all the papers together that they needed. It took several months but they were finally ready. He and Norma lived together for 17 years. They were excited to get their lives in order. They asked Hannah and I to serve as witnesses at their civil wedding.
Sealed with a kiss.


Christmas 2014

Our boys were so excited about Christmas. They couldn't wait to open their presents.
We attended Joseph's school Christmas play. Here he is with some of his classmates.
Opening presents on Christmas Day!
Checking out a new puzzle.
Wonderful memories!


Christmas at Tiloarque

We had a very nice Christmas. The Sunday before Christmas day we brought our Las Uvas people over to the church in Tiloarque for a Christmas celebration.
The church people decided that they wanted to try something different for the Christmas meal, they wanted to try an American Christmas dinner. So Hannah worked very hard and cooked the whole meal American style. The people really enjoyed it!
Some of the kids enjoying their Christmas meal.
There were close to 80 people present for the meal.
There were people everywhere!!
Hannah led a children and youth choir for a candlelight service in the evening. Some of the children recited poems and told of the Christmas story.
Pablo and Francisco sang a very nice duet.
What a wonderful day together with some very special people!!