Simple Worship

I'm so thankful that God doesn't bless churches according to their physical beauty but rather according to their spiritual hunger and sincerity. Our little church in Las Uvas is rustic and doesn't even have electricity. But we sure can feel God's help and presence. I've been in a lot of glorious looking churches that had very little of the real glory. Oh what a blessing to have God on the scene!


Good-bye, Adios, Ciao, Shalom, Parahi, Ma'as Salaama

Just now catching up with last week's activities. My parent's threw a go-away party and invited a bunch of our friends. They had a big jump house for all the kids. It was just a great time, one big hoop tarah before we left.
Firing off endorphins with succulent food.
maxin' and relaxin'
Games and prizes with Clara the clown.
X-treme sports.
The cheer leading section.
Then is was the breaking of the piñata.
Oooooh lots of presents and money!
The launch of a paper hot air balloon was the cherry on top of a great party!


Hoch Family Reunion

We always look forward to the Hoch family reunion. It's a time to reconnect, relax and eat some amazing food!
The reunion is always held at uncle Tim and aunt Connie's beautiful house.
Everybody brings something to sell at the auction. The money that is raised goes towards next years expenses. Over $1200 was raised this year.
Lots of good fellowship.
Dan Dan loved playing in the sand box.
Some of the families stay in campers.
A few other families sleep in tents.
We even sing together.
There are lots of games like Monopoly Deal and Farkle. The competition is fierce!
Big air on the trampoline.
Lots of fun!
The golf cart is always a big hit with kids and adults alike.
The food is absolutely heavenly.
So many choices and every one of them is a good one.
The party goes late into the night.
There was some intense Risk games. But, I eventually conquered the world!
My view from the hammock.
The last night of the reunion several people were singing. Daniel grabbed the air compressor hose and sang along at the top of his lungs!! Hilarious!


Music for Missions

Meet Paul Hinkley. He lives in Eastern Ohio and has a very unique ministry. He receives broken and damaged guitars, restores them and then donates them to missions. Back in February he heard me speak at Sea Breeze Camp via internet and called to let me know that if I wanted any guitars he was willing to donate some to our ministry. Just a few days ago I stopped by his house to pick up six like-new guitars with brand new cases and picks to take with us back to Honduras. What a blessing!
The only thing Paul asks the missionaries is that they send him a photo of the person who receives a guitar. Not a bad deal. If you are a missionary and interested in knowing more about his ministry contact Music for Missions, 330-343-4176.