Twists and Turns on the Journey

Take an inside look at what everyday life is like on the mission field. Join Eric and Hannah as they are faced with how to survive the twists and turns of life in a third world country, from finding education for their son, to managing three churches, to dealing with the growing wave of violence, to training leaders who will help extend the work. It's sure to increase your appreciation for missionaries and the sacrifices they make for the furtherance of God's kingdom.
Get your copy of "Twists and Turns on the Journey". Look for us at IHC or come by one of our deputation services. If you are unable to attend one of our services you can write and ask for a copy the cost of the DVD is free, a free will offering would be appreciated. You can write to Eric Kuhns 121 Melmar Drive, Lewisburg, Pa 17837 or call Hope International Missions at 772-546-1113 and ask that they send you a copy.
A big thanks to Jon Plank at Media-Spring for shooting and editing the video.


Deputation 2013 part 1

Good to touch base with my ol'e friend Doug Rine. He is still the same, never changes. He is still the goof ball he has always been.
I stopped by Graham, North Carolina for a service at Marcus and Mandy Evans' church. We went to school together at Penn View.
Thanks to Mission Helps we have a nice van to travel in during these six months. What a blessing!
Next stop was Dalton, Georgia at one of our Spanish H.I.M. churches. I enjoyed my time with David Gonzalez and his family.
This has pretty much been my view the last few days. Miles and miles and hours and hours.
Driving through Atlanta.
I got to stop by and see my cousin Joanna and her husband Edwin. They live outside of Atlanta. We had a nice visit and Edwin grilled pork chops and shrimp. Aaaaaaamazing!! Thanks guys!

Here is what we will have to tear down and set up more than sixty times!!


This Is Snow Crazy

It was kinda nice to see and feel snow again. It has been so long. One day was enough now I'm ready for Spring!


Happy Anniversary

Wishing my mom and dad a happy 41st anniversary!! I love you so much and hope you have many more happy years of marriage!


Baptisms in Las Delicias

Today was a red letter day for Las Delicias. It was our very first baptismal service since we started working there! Everybody showed up for the big event. They were so excited.
We started off by singing some choruses.
I preached a short message on Romans 6 about how we are dead to sin, just as Christ was crucified and risen the third day we too are crucified to sin and put in the tomb beneath the water and rise again to new life.
There are questions that I ask the candidates before they enter the water.
José was officially married a week ago and now he is baptized! He feels so good finally getting his life in order. He has waited years for this moment.
Sister Maria.
Sister Gloria burying her old life in the tomb and ready to rise again to new life.
God has great things in store for Felipe.
It was a beautiful walk back to the houses.
I presented each of them with a certificate. They were so proud of their accomplishment.
Our four candidates, Gloria, Felipe, Maria and Jose.
We ended the evening with a big cake and gifts for all of the fathers. Tomorrow is Father's Day here in Honduras. It was a great ending to a terrific day!


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Revival at Tiloarque

Whew this past weekend was a busy one. We held a weekend revival at Tiloarque. The church is celebrating its 5th anniversary!! God has worked in awesome ways, I remember just six years ago I was preaching to empty chairs hoping somebody would come to church. Now we are praying for a bigger place. God has blessed abundantly!!
Saturday we held a baptismal service. These four candidates have made incredible changes in their life. Each one of them has an amazing story of God's grace. Saved from alcoholism, fornication, and a life of misery. Today they are children of the King!!
Geovamy spent most of his life drinking. Now he has a fervent desire to serve the Lord.
 A life of sin is buried, we are resurrected to new life!
 Angel Paz was our revival speaker. He is the president of Evangelistic Faith Mission's churches here in Honduras. He did a fabulous job and God used him to speak to our hearts. A first time visitor who came on Friday night was saved. Thank God for a victorious revival.
 On Sunday everybody stayed after the morning service for a big lunch. The fried chicken, rice and salad was amazing!! Sooo good.
We were filled spiritually and physically.
 I was so proud of Roberto and Jenny. They sang some special songs during the revival. God is really helping them.
Before everyone went home we shared a big cake, to celebrate the church's birthday as well Marcia's, Jennifer's and Yolanda's birthday this week. It was a sweet ending to a great weekend!


Finally Tying the Knot!

I have to admit that last Thursday was one of the highlights of my ministry. An elderly couple from our Las Delicias church has lived together for more than 50 years and they finally officially tied the knot!! I have been working on getting all their paperwork in order for them to get married and it has taken us forever. But we finally got everything together. I just praise God!! When people really want to live according to God's laws the Lord works out all the details.
 José and Maria never spent a day in school so they don't know how to read and write. They signed their papers with their fingerprint.
I was privileged to be one of the witnesses.
Some of the family that were present for the special moment. A lot of them couldn't make it because of work and other responsibilities. When we return from our deputation we hoping to have a church wedding!!
 A very special couple.
 We went back to their house to celebrate with a cake. They were so happy!


Family Pics


When I was thirteen years old God clearly called me to be a missionary to Honduras. When I committed myself to that call I closed the door to a lot of other options. I finished high school and went on to Bible college focused on fulfilling the missionary call. But as I got closer and closer to my departure there were more and more offers and opportunities that were sent my way. There was even an opportunity to serve on a different mission field. But the call had been so clear that for me to take anything else would seem like a betrayal. God had called me first and that's all that mattered. To anyone who feels called to missions please beware of the "traps" that get thrown on your path. It's easy to get detoured and derailed with ministry offers but don't forget that even good intentions, and ministry itself can lead you to disobedience. Obey God's missionary call on your life! Go where He wants you to go!

 Detours That Get In the Way
 Eric Kuhns

 I heard God's voice the other day, say "come with me
get on a plane and go across the sea
where the harvest is great and souls are dying
they need to hear about God's love, they are lost and crying."

I wanted to go, I really did
the desire was strong it could not be hid
the call was fervent like a burning fire
to go save the lost, the need was dire.

As I made plans to go, a thought came to me
why not go back to school and get a degree?
I already had a diploma and was ready to go
but why not get more experience? Who would it hurt? Who would know?

Now I have three degrees and I think that I'm fit
to get on that plane and go serve a bit
but just as I was packing and getting ready to fly
I got a phone call that brought a tear to my eye.
It was one of my professors from my beloved Alma mater
saying that the school was in trouble, in really hot water
There was a shortage of teachers and they didn't know what to do
"Could you delay going to the field? The school really needs you."
Well, I like to help out whenever I can
so I decided to stick around and lend a hand.

Ten years have now passed and my teaching is done
It's time to get on that plane and fly off into the sun.
But again as I was packing and readying my bag
I got another phone call that made my heart sag.
It was a leader from my conference sounding quite perplexed
he had a church without a pastor and maybe I would be next
to go fill this slot and help this poor congregation
they too need to hear about God and his salvation.
So I postponed my flight and answered this call
I felt I had every right, it was ministry after all.

My tenure as pastor is finally complete
I need to get to the field, I need to get on my feet.
But my family has grown and so has my debt
I feel kinda strapped like I'm in a big net.
I had better not go, I'm not ready to serve
I gotta find a job to get around this financial curve.
I'll work in construction or drive a big truck
But these debts won't get me down, they won't keep me stuck
I'll eventually go and get to the field
I'll win lots of souls and produce a big yield.
God please understand I'm not trying to disobey
these are just life's detours that get in the way.

Now my debts are paid and my work is through
It's time to go do what I'm supposed to do
But before I go I just have one more desire
to get a plan in place for when I retire.
I need some money saved up, a house, a car
to give me peace while I live away so far.
So I'll get a better job and work on my IRA
and help support missionaries and pastors with my abundant pay.

Time has flown by and now my life is all set
I had better go, I had better get
But you know, I don't feel like it's God's will like I did before
When I heard his voice, when I knew for sure.
Now the call is gone, I had better stay
send someone else, I will give and I will pray.

Matthew 21:28-31

28 But what think ye? A certain man had two sons; and he came to the first, and said, Son, go work to day in my vineyard.
29 He answered and said, I will not: but afterward he repented, and went.
30 And he came to the second, and said likewise. And he answered and said, I go, sir: and went not.
31 Whether of them twain did the will of his father?...