Revival at Tiloarque

Whew this past weekend was a busy one. We held a weekend revival at Tiloarque. The church is celebrating its 5th anniversary!! God has worked in awesome ways, I remember just six years ago I was preaching to empty chairs hoping somebody would come to church. Now we are praying for a bigger place. God has blessed abundantly!!
Saturday we held a baptismal service. These four candidates have made incredible changes in their life. Each one of them has an amazing story of God's grace. Saved from alcoholism, fornication, and a life of misery. Today they are children of the King!!
Geovamy spent most of his life drinking. Now he has a fervent desire to serve the Lord.
 A life of sin is buried, we are resurrected to new life!
 Angel Paz was our revival speaker. He is the president of Evangelistic Faith Mission's churches here in Honduras. He did a fabulous job and God used him to speak to our hearts. A first time visitor who came on Friday night was saved. Thank God for a victorious revival.
 On Sunday everybody stayed after the morning service for a big lunch. The fried chicken, rice and salad was amazing!! Sooo good.
We were filled spiritually and physically.
 I was so proud of Roberto and Jenny. They sang some special songs during the revival. God is really helping them.
Before everyone went home we shared a big cake, to celebrate the church's birthday as well Marcia's, Jennifer's and Yolanda's birthday this week. It was a sweet ending to a great weekend!


Jeanne said...

That is amazing!