Baptisms in Las Delicias

Today was a red letter day for Las Delicias. It was our very first baptismal service since we started working there! Everybody showed up for the big event. They were so excited.
We started off by singing some choruses.
I preached a short message on Romans 6 about how we are dead to sin, just as Christ was crucified and risen the third day we too are crucified to sin and put in the tomb beneath the water and rise again to new life.
There are questions that I ask the candidates before they enter the water.
José was officially married a week ago and now he is baptized! He feels so good finally getting his life in order. He has waited years for this moment.
Sister Maria.
Sister Gloria burying her old life in the tomb and ready to rise again to new life.
God has great things in store for Felipe.
It was a beautiful walk back to the houses.
I presented each of them with a certificate. They were so proud of their accomplishment.
Our four candidates, Gloria, Felipe, Maria and Jose.
We ended the evening with a big cake and gifts for all of the fathers. Tomorrow is Father's Day here in Honduras. It was a great ending to a terrific day!


Kristen said...

Stirs my heart... So glad to hear what God is doing there. Actually, in all your churches for that matter. May God to continue to richly bless you for all your efforts, and may God's Kingdom continue to grow! I'm afraid right now I can't be much more than moral and prayer support, but I can't wait for the day when I can get down there and work right along-side you and your family. :-)

Jeanne Kuhns said...

That is wonderful!

Dorcas said...

What a beautiful baptism service! And the cake that you're holding in the last picture looks really yummy!! What kind of cake was it?