A Weekend in the States

I had a great time at Youth Challenge last weekend. God helped in every session and many young people committed their lives to doing something radical for God. It was a very good convention.
I flew in on Thursday and came home on Monday so it was a short visit. But on Sunday we had a big meal with Hannah's family. It was almost like a mini Thanksgiving.
mmmmm there is nothing like a juicy roast for Sunday dinner.
I got to meet my little niece Xena for the first time. She is a little sweetie!!
Good times and good food!!


A New Pastor for Las Delicias

Roberto has answered the call of God to pastor. It's ironic how his dad had prayed for years for a church and pastor and now his own son will be pastoring. It's amazing how God works.
Roberto and his wife Jenny with their two girls Jireth and Genesis. They are so excited about what God is doing. Pray for them as they begin their ministry.


Wedding in Las Delicias

While Bro. Grant was here we loaded up two vans of our people from Tiloarque and headed to the new church in Las Delicias for a big event. First we were going to marry Jose and Maria. They had been legally married back at the beginning of the year but they wanted a church ceremony. Second of all we were going to dedicate the building and thirdly we were going to install Roberto and Jenny as the new pastors of the church. All of this in one day!!
The ladies worked hard decorating the church!! Everybody was there for this big day!
Three little princesses ready for their grandma and grandpa's wedding.
The first wedding in Las Delicias!! This was exciting!
Here comes the bride!! Maria's oldest son walked her down the aisle.
It was a packed house for the event!
The bride and groom sat on chairs in the middle of the platform during the ceremony.
Performing the ceremony.
Still in love all these years later!!
With Jose's sisters.
Time to celebrate!


A Trip Over to Nicaragua

About a week ago we had a visit from Sid Grant. During his visit we drove to Nicaragua to see Julio and his churches. The day we arrived Julio had just returned from Managua with the paper work from the government recognizing HIM as a legal church in Nicaragua. This was a big milestone. They had worked for years on this process and now it is finished!
This is Julio's newest church located in Achuapas. Back in the spring of this year Mission Helps sent down a team to put the roof on this church. Now it's ready to be painted.
The inside of the Achuapas church. The pulpit was made by some of the young men who came down on a TLC trip.
Julio and Nemecio making some beautiful music. The guitar that Nemecio is holding is one of the guitars that Paul Hinkley donated from Ohio. They love that little guitar!
Bro. Grant preached some very good messages that encouraged the people.


Mission Accomplished!!

An answer to prayer!! For quite some time we have been praying that God would supply a church van for us. Our car was packed to the gills and was very uncomfortable hauling people from place to place. While we were on deputation we started raising funds for this project and thanks to God's help and the generosity of many churches and friends all the finances were raised. After getting back to Honduras God led us to this Nissan, Diesel, 2006, 15 passenger van with a little over 50,000 miles in great condition for a great price!! A big thanks to everyone who participated in this project!! It has already been put to good use and is proving to be a huge blessing!
It gets awesome gas mileage with it being a diesel and stick shift.
Sunday was the "unveiling". Everybody was thrilled.
Praying over the van that God would use it for His glory, and give it a long and healthy life!!


Update and Announcement!

The finished product!!! After months of hard work mixing mud and making adobes we have finally finished the Las Delicias church. The men painted it while we were home in the states. The only thing we are missing is our church sign that will go above the door. I am so happy how this project turned out!! Thank you to everyone who prayed, gave and came and helped. We deeply appreciate it.
Here is what the inside looks like. They painted the walls white. We also plan to put the church logo or a scripture verse on the platform wall.
The people are very happy with their new church!! We are also thrilled to announce that this coming Saturday we will be having the dedication of the church, as well as installing Roberto and Jenny as the official pastor. They have felt God calling them to ministry and are planning to move to Las Delicias within the next few weeks to begin pastoring. This is a huge answer to prayer and will help to lift our load. Pray that the transition will go smoothly.