Mission Accomplished!!

An answer to prayer!! For quite some time we have been praying that God would supply a church van for us. Our car was packed to the gills and was very uncomfortable hauling people from place to place. While we were on deputation we started raising funds for this project and thanks to God's help and the generosity of many churches and friends all the finances were raised. After getting back to Honduras God led us to this Nissan, Diesel, 2006, 15 passenger van with a little over 50,000 miles in great condition for a great price!! A big thanks to everyone who participated in this project!! It has already been put to good use and is proving to be a huge blessing!
It gets awesome gas mileage with it being a diesel and stick shift.
Sunday was the "unveiling". Everybody was thrilled.
Praying over the van that God would use it for His glory, and give it a long and healthy life!!