Florida Vacation

My wonderful parents

Here is where we are staying for the week. It is really nice.
Enjoying a good game of mini golf.
You never know what you might see in Florida.
Mom and Dad


Bullets, Metal Plates and Salvation

I wanted to share a little information about one of our new converts who was saved this week. Caridad is 91 years old. During the week of Easter she fell and broke her hip. She was rushed to the hospital where the had to operate and put a metal plate in her leg to hold her hip bones together. She nearly died after the surgery. Some of you may remember us talking about Sandra, this is Sandra's grandmother. Well, we went to visit Caridad on Monday. Before all this happened she was a pretty bitter woman. She always gave Sandra a hard time for coming to our church and never had anything good to say about church. When we came to visit we brought a big bouquet of flowers and a card that talked about how God cares for us. That really cheered her up. Before we left I knelt down next her bed and asked if she would like to accept Jesus as her Savior, without hardly any hesitation she said 'yes'. She then prayed the sinner's prayer and invited Christ into her heart. That was a real special moment for us and especially for Sandra who had never seen her grandmother pray. The tears were flowing that day. It was great to see that no matter what your age Jesus forgives all who call on His name!

Caridad has an amazing story. Nearly twenty years ago during a Honduran holiday somebody shot into the air as part of their celebration. That stray bullet landed in Caridad's abdomen. The doctor never removed it because it was lodged so close to her spinal cord. All these years she has carried that bullet and amazingly has no pain! I couldn't believe it when I heard that, here is her x-ray to prove it. She also has a plastic intestine. So here is a 91 year old lady with a bullet in her abdomen, plastic intestine and a metal plate in her hip and is still going strong. I asked her what she eats every day and she said she always has a cup of coffee. So there you go folks make sure you get that cup of coffee everyday and maybe you'll make it to be 91.


Sawdust Carpets

Hondurans have some very interesting Easter traditions. One that is practiced in Tegucigalpa is the sawdust carpets. The main catholic church closes down about ten blocks around the church to use for processionals throughout holy week. On Thursday night artists gather along these streets to design a sawdust carpet for the processions to march upon on Good Friday. All night long they work. They bring bags and bags of colored sawdust. They use stencils to design each carpet. They look absolutely beautiful. Then on Good Friday the processions walk across these sawdust carpets and they are destroyed.
Hundreds of people follow the processions. On Good Friday they re-enact the crucifixion. Different Catholic churches will the be the scene for different events of Good Friday. 
Some of the stencils that will be used to design the sawdust carpets.
 Laying out the base for one of the carpets.
 Men come along and spray the carpets with water so the sawdust doesn't blow away.
Some of the beautiful carpets. They stretch on for several blocks.
Some are quite detailed.
 The next they will be destroyed during the processions.


Enjoying a cool afternoon nap.