Special Prayer and Fasting

This is a special call to prayer and fasting in behalf of the upcoming elections. We desperately need God to do a miracle and guide peoples hearts and hands as they go to vote next Tuesday. The stakes are high and as Christians we need to be salt and light in these dark days. Let's rally the troops, let's pray and fast that the powers of darkness will be broken!! The need is urgent! Help us this Wednesday, October 29 to fast and pray!


Exciting New Endeavors

One of the ladies in our church recently approached us with a new idea. She is in the process of building a house in a more rural area on the outskirts of the city. Where she is building there are no churches and the workers that are helping her and their families have no where to attend services. She wanted to know if we would be willing to hold services on her plot of land and invite her workers and people living nearby for services. We jumped at the opportunity! Saturday we held our first service. We hauled chairs, guitars, sound equipment and food. I was so excited. There were more than 50 people that showed up! God really helped us. After the service several mentioned that they were interested in having services every week. Help us pray about this! It's a great responsibility. If we continue like this we will certainly have to build at least a roof to meet under in case it rains. I don't know what the future holds but God has some great things in store. Keep praying and fasting. We need God's guidance with this new open door. We would love to establish another church and in an area like this it is the perfect place.


Watch and Pray

They have an interesting custom here in the churches, they sometimes hold all night services. This was something new for me, but I thought we would give it a try. It was actually a lot of fun. We started at 9:00 pm and went until about 2:00 am. Everybody brings a little something to eat during the break. In the service we had Bible trivia, sang lots of choruses and discussed end time events and the modern church. It was a lot of fun!


Pipes and Petals

The other day Joseph was found guilty of trying to plug the exhaust pipe with rose petals. All the evidence pointed to him!! What a mess.


Exciting Things Are Happening!

Here are some pics from Sunday morning. We have been averaging in the mid twenties. The lady in the front to the right came forward to be saved, she just recently started attending.

I have been very encouraged with the work lately. We have strongly sensed God's help and presence in our services and we have had a good group of seekers at the altar recently. We also started Bible studies with new converts who are planning to get baptized. God is definitely helping us and we thank Him and you for your prayers. If things continue as they are we will soon have to think about building or finding a bigger place. Only God knows what the future holds!


Roses Will Bloom Again

We have had a lot of rain lately. There are some areas of Honduras in a state of emergency. Though the rain has done lots of damage it has helped our roses to grow. Joseph likes to pick one once in a while and give it to Hannah. They sure are pretty.


Say A Special Prayer

Just wanted to request prayer for two gentlemen who attend our church. Adam (top) and Luis. They really want to serve God and do what is right but they are facing some real struggles. I won't go into all the details but please just say a special prayer for them that they will determine to do what God wants for them in their lives. Pray that the chains of sin will be broken. They are great guys and God has a special plan.


The Votes Are In!

We have completed our duty as citizens and cast our votes for the next president of the United States, John McCain. We urge all of our fellow Americans to do the same November 4th. Get out the vote and do your part! I believe we also need to pray and fast in behalf of this election that God's will is done.



What's Joseph Been Up To?

He's getting so big. He is full of life he loves to play in the dirt, climb our iron gate, eat ice cream and get baths.

He loves cows. Here he is in Belize in a mennonite village with the cows. It reminded me so much of Pennsylvania.

Sticker boy. He loves to be silly sometimes.


Sights of Tegucigalpa

A little girl enjoying a some fun while helping her family sell goods along the street.

Tegucigalpa is an ever growing city. There are many new construction sites. Thanks to men like these the work is getting done.

A basket weaver hard at work.

A blind man begging outside of the U.S. embassy.

Fresh cheese from Olancho. Olancho is a region of Honduras known for its gun-toting cowboys, wild west spirit, and the best cheese this side of the carribean.


On the Run

We have been traveling alot lately. I'm working on a DVD project for H.I.M. and it required us to travel to several of our works to get some recent footage. Our first trip was to Nicaragua. The work there is doing very well. Pastor Julio is really reaching out into his community. Along with the church he pastors he has two or three other areas where he has been holding services.

The pastor's son with a traditional hat.

Our little pirate Joseph enjoying the pastor's pet bird.

This little guy can really sing!

What a beautiful country!!


Belize Trip

Last week was spent shooting video and pictures in Belize. H.I.M. has two Christian day schools and four churches along the Guatemala border.

This is the largest of the two schools. This particular school has about 80 children attending. They are doing a super job! The majority of the students are in the pre-school.

Some of the older students.

This is pastor Carlos Mendoza and his family. His youngest daughter on the right of the picture is engaged to the young man behind her. A wedding is planned for next July.

Pastor Daniel Tun and his wife. They are doing an excellent job. He pastors and works as a monitor in one of the schools.

Coming back from Belize we stayed at the port town of Dangriga where our boat was leaving the next morning. All that evening the electricity was out so the hotel was so kind to give us a gas lamp.

Making our way from the Guatemala border to the port to catch our boat. It's roughly a three hour trip on a yellow bus.

Joseph loves riding the boats. He slept most of the way. The wind in his face and the gentle waves puts him to sleep in no time.

Here is the boat that carried us on our treacherous journey. The trip to Belize was fine, however the return trip was horrendous. The waves were big and our little boat was slamming up and down. Water was splashing in over the sides. It sounded like the boat was going to break in two. Hannah got sick and threw up twice. Our bodies were sore for about two days. I was never so glad to see land. All in all we had a good trip and we are glad to be home. Thanks for your prayers.


We Be N Belize

Hey just wanted to say we are in Belize right now working on a PR project for H.I.M. We will be home on Monday. Pray for us. Updates are coming!