Happy Birthday

I have been blessed with a wonderful father. He has always been a godly example for my life. His wisdom, love and kindness have impacted a lot of people. Today he is celebrating his birthday! Happy Birthday dad love ya!



Daniel finally gets to meet his uncle Steve.
This little guy just gets cuter by the day!


Thank You Alum Bank!

We held a deputation service at Alum Bank God's Missionary Church and when we arrived we were surprised to find that the church had planned a baby shower for Daniel. Thank you Alum Bank we appreciate you all so much!! The gifts were just beautiful.



We went and saw some of the sites in Philadelphia. Joseph wanted his picture with the elephant but the donkey got in there somehow too. Oh well. It's what's in your heart not in the picture.
One of Joseph's favorite things on the whole trip. What he called the "Liverty Bell".
Joseph was not feeling very photogenic.
Ben and Deborah Franklin's graves
Independence Hall. Where 56 brave men signed the Declaration of Independence.
The tomb of the unknown soldiers of the Revolutionary War.
The price of freedom has never been free.


For the Birds

The other my dad took us to a Sportman's Club to see some animals. This turkey was on the loose and was willing to eat out of Joseph's hand.
This proud peacock was trying to impress his lady friend but she didn't seem to interested.


Update on the Boys

Well Daniel is growing like a weed. Most of his time is spent either eating or sleeping. I guess that's what little growing boys are supposed to do.
Daniel loves to be snuggled and held.
Joseph on the other hand has so much energy he doesn't know what to do with it. We try to channel that energy and put it to good use, so the other day I had him help me sweep out the van. He enjoyed it for about the first ten minutes and then it was off to something else.
Spending time at the park with Nana and Pap.
Two precious little sleepy boys!


Reptile Land

About a week ago we decided to visit Reptile Land. Here are the boys in front of a big boa constrictor, Daniel was just too tired to care about snakes and alligators
I wouldn't want to get too close to this big guy.
I think Joseph thought these robot dinosaurs were almost real. He didn't want to get near T-rex.
Trying to get up the nerve to pet the friendly dinosaur. These robots moved and made sounds.



These few pictures have no real meaning to them, they are just some pics that I took and I thought they were neat for one reason or the other. There was something I liked about this picture of Joseph. It's different, the grain in the door and the way he is standing gives the picture some character.
Caught this picture of a beautiful rainbow from my parent's backyard.
I was messing around with my camera and took this picture of a plant. I like the design.
My brother has some poppy flowers. They feel and look like paper. Very unique.


Daniel's Dedication

What a beautiful dedication service. Mary Rine did a wonderful job singing, "Your Whole Life Long". The song expresses our desire that Daniel and Joseph follow Christ all of their lives. We had this song sung at both of their dedications.
Joseph loves his little brother very much!
I am a blessed man! I thank God for my family.
Hannah's sister Liz and her husband Ron were also there for the service.
Our precious little Daniel.


Liz and Ron's Wedding

I've been running around so much I'm just now getting pictures of my sister-in-law's wedding on my blog. It was a beautiful wedding. They were going to have an outside wedding but it got rained out. They had it at the Bellwood Country Club. It turned out really nice.
Obviously Fuschia Pink and Black were their colors. It looked great.
The cake tasted as good as it looked.
One last drag out fight between the sistas before the wedding. haha. You never would have guessed that Hannah and Daniel were discharged from the hospital the same day as the wedding.
Liz's stepdad walked her down the aisle and then her grandfather gave her away. Her grandpa just came through two major brain surgeries where they placed a shunt to drain fluids from a tumor. It was a blessing to have him there that day and he did so well despite all he had come through.
This was really special for me because it was my first American wedding that I ever performed. Extra special because it was my sister-in-law's wedding.
The big wedding party!!
Let the celebration begin!
My beautiful bride of seven years!! I would do it all over again!
The newly weds celebrated their honey moon in Aruba!!!
The last daughter to leave the nest!

For a look at Erica Grant's professional version of the wedding go check out her pictures at this site.


On the Go

It was a long day when I traveled home from Honduras. I first had to take a four hour bus ride from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula. I always get car sick on those windy mountain roads. Then my flight left at 1:20 a.m. from San Pedro Sula to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after about a two hour layover I headed for Columbus, Ohio and then went straight to the hospital to see Hannah and Daniel.
Bethesda hospital where Daniel was born.
Room 2132 is where Hannah stayed.
As snug as a bug in a rug.
It was great going to I.H.C. Joseph loved showing off his little brother to everybody.
Glen and Helen Reiff. Pray for them as they fill in for us in Honduras during the month of May.
Then we came to Pennsylvania where Pap and Nana got to meet Daniel for the very first time.
Joseph showing off Daniel to his cousins Brady and Holden