A wonderful thing happened this morning, Andre gave his heart to Christ! He is our second convert in our church this year. We first met Andre at the campaign in March. Since then he has been attending services. He comes from a Catholic background, but he says, he didn't find anything that satisfied at the Catholic church. It was just empty words. Pray for Andre that he will stay true and faithful. He has lived a life of drugs and alcohol and it has affected his mind and body. He has a long road ahead, but by God's grace he is going to make it!! Now I can say that everyone that attends our church is saved! haha How many pastors can say that??? Well, we are still working on Joseph keep praying for him. haha


Sunday Services

Church planting is so exciting. It's totally different from everything you would find in a"normal" church. We don't have a big crowd, a big sound system, a nice piano, special singing, fancy hymn books or even pews. We don't even meet in a church building. We meet in our living room. But it's great! It's like watching a new baby being born. Right now we have two gentlemen attending our Sunday morning service. Just two, but they come faithfully. When for so long we had nothing, and now we have something I can't explain how exciting it is! It's a slow work. We continue knocking on doors, making new friends and inviting new people to our services. It takes lots of patience. But it sure is worth it! I hope that within the next few months our living room will be packed out! We just have to keep praying and keep on working!


Free Advertising

JZ advertises for KFC and Chef Boyardee.

I love pappy's cooking!


What If This Was You?

I have mentioned different times about our dear friend Baudilio who was saved in January. He is so faithful to church and Bible studies. He is 65 years old and has never learned to read and write. He was so excited today as our friend Nidia taught him his vowels. He did so good. Can you imagine not knowing how to read and write? What would life be like? He said when he uses the buses and travels about the city, he travels by memory. But of course there are certain areas where he has to guess. He can't read street signs. Pray for Baudilio that he will learn to read, so he can enjoy God's written Word. It is not an easy task at his age. We are hoping to start reading classes, there are many maids and workers in this area who have very little education. Nidia is studying to be a teacher, so she really enjoys getting experience. I would like to take advantage of these classes to share God's Word and see these contacts start attending our church. Help us pray about this idea.


Grandma is Watching!

Grammy checks in from Ohio to see how her little grandson is doing!! What would we do without the internet? Missionary life isn't like it used to be that's for sure!


New Contacts!

The two ladies on the left side of the table are brand new contacts. They are a result of Operation Invitation. We started Bible studies with them this week and they have been coming faithfully. It is so exciting to finally see some things start to get off the ground. Pray for these ladies that they will really serve God and be true to the end!


Col. Sanders

The other day we treated seven of our Sunday school children to KFC. They came every Sunday or only missed once during our "Two Roads" theme. They sure did love Col. Sanders.


Happy B-day Dad

Poppy I just wanted to wish you a happy brithday, and say thank you for being the greatest dad!I love you very much

Posted by Joseph with the help of mom


Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!!

I just wanted to wish my very best friend a wonderful happy birthday. I am so glad that the Lord brought us together. You are everything that I dreamed my husband would be and more. I love you with all my heart. Thanks for being the best husband and the greatest father. I love you

This picture was taken on our 1st trip to Honduras in 2004 with the Beavertown Youth. We had only been married for 1 month. Eric and I had to come down before the team to prepare things before they came down. In the airport, while I was waiting for Eric to come out of the bathroom, a man came up to me and asked me if Eric was my husband. I said yes. He said that he had been watching us and that we looked so much in love.

I hope that the world sees how much I still love You and I hope that they know I love you more with every passing moment.

Posted by Hannah


Revival in Nicaragua

We had an excellent revival! God helped us in every service. A total of four people were saved!! Praise God! I believe we were all strengthened and encouraged at the end of the meeting. Thanks to all who prayed. Those prayers were answered!

They have a wonderful group of children attending the church.


Baby Dedication

Sunday was my first time to do a baby dedication. What a great experience! I dedicated 5 all together. haha.


Baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost

I had the privilege of baptizing three converts in Nicaragua. I love baptisms. There is something exciting about them, seeing new converts starting out towards heaven. We felt God's presence in a special way as we sang and they gave their testimonies.


The Potter's Wheel

We visited a very interesting ceramic factory. Everything is done by hand. They bring a special clay from the mountains where it is dried in special bins. When the clay is ready, it is brought to the potter. He keeps the clay spinning by pushing a big wheel with his foot. It is so awesome to watch him mold that piece of clay into a beautiful vessel.

After the vessel is formed, they let it dry and harden. Then some of the vessels are cut by hand. They draw palm trees, cities, or a beautiful house on the side of the vessel. Others they paint. They do an amazing job.

Then they are put on the shelf for sale. Most of these jars you see here cost about $5-$7. Very cheap and very nice.


Joseph playing with a friendly parakeet.

In central park Ocotal, Nicaragua.

Enjoying a cool breeze and a soft hammock.


Contra Singer

Nemecio is his name. He has an incredible story. Today he is a solid Christian, a pillar of the church. Usually every service he plays and sings. But just 26 years ago he was working with the Contras. He had a very important position, he was the propaganda machine for the Contras. They played his music and songs to help rally troops for the contras and to further advance their cause.
He made a special trip to the United States along with the leaders of the Contra movement. They stayed at Ronald Reagan's house in Sacramento California for fifteen days along with Oliver North and the C.I.A. There they discussed the war and the events that were taking place. While in the states he also recorded music to play in Nicaragua. Nemecio has an amazing story. He was personal friends with many of the contra leaders.
The United States was supplying arms to the contras to help fight the communists. They say that even today there are secret caches of guns still hidden in the mountains ready in case of another war.


Contra War

In 1982 war broke out among the villages of the mountains where we were staying in Nicaragua. The communist Sandinistas had taken power. A rag tag group of men had formed a guerilla force to fight against the new government, they called themselves the Contras. For nearly ten years they fought along these mountainsides. The communists took men by force to join the army. They ran people out of their homes. They killed Christians. The pastor of the church where we stayed told me of twelve pastors who were killed together in a field. The church suffered greatly.

We made a trip to San Fernando a neighboring little town. Roger pointed to a house high on a hill and said "somebody told me that used to be the headquarters" at first he thought it was the headquarters for the Contras but later we found out it had been the headquarters of the communists.

So we made our way up the hill to talk to the people living there. Sure enough, the lady who answered the door told us it was once the headquarters for the Sandinistas. The house had been remodeled but she said, in the basement there are still writings and pictures on the wall if we would like to see them. Yes!! we said, we would love to see it. We followed her into the house where she lifted a door in the floor that led to the basement. It was obvious nobody had come down here in a long time as bats began to make a quick exit.

There in the basement in these three large rooms is where the communists kept their wounded and their prisoners of war. On the walls were scratched the names of some of the men who had stayed there. Others had drawn pictures such as a gun and a man with a mask. They had code names such as BON 105.

Leading from the basement out the back door was a large patio. The lady told us that when they had first moved into the house, this backyard was full of common graves.

You can see in the picture with the wood stacked on the ground, that there is a patch of newer cement. This was once a large common grave.

The lady who owned the house had lived here before the war. The communists kicked her out of her home and she moved to a house just a short distance away. They forced her son into the army and over the next ten years they would destroy she and her husband's home. She said it was a terrible time. Neighbors fought against neighbors and friends and against friends. But after the war, they were able to move back into their house. Little by little they fixed it back up. They fixed the trenches that were dug around the house. Repainted the graffiti filled walls and have regained somewhat of a normal life. But the house still stands with the scars of war. It was interesting to hear their stories. To see where history took place.



This Thursday, April 10 we will be headed to Nicaragua to help preach in a revival at one of our H.I.M. churches. Pastor Roger and I will be sharing the responsibility of preaching in the evening services Thursday-Sunday. We would appreciate your prayers that God would bless this revival and that many souls would be saved.


I have always loved this picture. It was on many of the fans we used at Penns Creek camp years ago. I love the way he is listening to hear if someone is going to answer.


Enjoying our new dryer.



As they say all good things must come to an end. We enjoyed having our family here so much. Thanks guys for everything. We are so glad you could come and visit! Come back soon!


We enjoyed a relaxing time at the beach before heading home.


The view from inside our hotel at Copan.



We had a really interesting visit to the ancient Mayan ruins of Copan. At the entrance you can see many Macaw birds. The Mayans believed they were a very sacred bird.
Here we are overlooking the ball court. They played a game similar to soccer. Researchers aren't sure if the winners or the losers got sacrificed, but somebody was killed after each game.

We explored several tunnels that were made by archeological excavations inside the temples. That was really neat. I loved it.

It was a beautiful place.


Downtown San Pedro Sula


Visiting Pastor Roger Ortiz and His Family


The Fountain of Youth

Every where we went the people always mentioned how young my parents look. They loved it. Don't they look great?