The Potter's Wheel

We visited a very interesting ceramic factory. Everything is done by hand. They bring a special clay from the mountains where it is dried in special bins. When the clay is ready, it is brought to the potter. He keeps the clay spinning by pushing a big wheel with his foot. It is so awesome to watch him mold that piece of clay into a beautiful vessel.

After the vessel is formed, they let it dry and harden. Then some of the vessels are cut by hand. They draw palm trees, cities, or a beautiful house on the side of the vessel. Others they paint. They do an amazing job.

Then they are put on the shelf for sale. Most of these jars you see here cost about $5-$7. Very cheap and very nice.


Faith said...

I remember visiting a pottery factory in Taiwan. Watching the vessel rise up out of that lump of clay was breathtaking... like the clay came alive! Of course, it was all in how the potter moved his hands, but most of the time his movements were so slight, his hands didn't seem to move, so it seemed almost magical. Or perhaps I was so riveted to the vessel I didn't notice his hands enough.

Part of the factory was a room where artists cut designs in the still damp clay. Intricate carvings! Most of the "jars" in this section were for lamps. Then on to be baked, painted, glazed, etc. When they showed us the finished product, we oohed and aahed... and then they turned the knob to turn on the light inside--beautiful!

It certainly is a remarkable thing to see. Makes Jeremiah's parable of the potter so much more meaningful.

Enjoying your blogging! :)