Sunday Services

Church planting is so exciting. It's totally different from everything you would find in a"normal" church. We don't have a big crowd, a big sound system, a nice piano, special singing, fancy hymn books or even pews. We don't even meet in a church building. We meet in our living room. But it's great! It's like watching a new baby being born. Right now we have two gentlemen attending our Sunday morning service. Just two, but they come faithfully. When for so long we had nothing, and now we have something I can't explain how exciting it is! It's a slow work. We continue knocking on doors, making new friends and inviting new people to our services. It takes lots of patience. But it sure is worth it! I hope that within the next few months our living room will be packed out! We just have to keep praying and keep on working!


Anonymous said...

Wow! How Neat. I believe that God has good things for you all. Keep up the good work!


I remember having church im my living room in Jordan. Some of the most precious times when Jesus would come and settle down right there. Remember Hannah where you first got sanctified? The Lord is blessing. Give Him all the Glory!!!!

Dorcas said...

Keep encouraged!!