Getting Older

It's hard to believe our little boy is turning four years old this week. He can't wait to have his birthday that's all he talks about. Friday we are planning a big bash with all our church people, neighbors and friends. It's going to be a house full but a lot of fun.


Boys and Their Toys

Daniel and Tiffany Melton came by this weekend and so two of their boys came over to play with Joseph. They had a blast. They spent most of the time playing with Thomas the Train. It sure was nice getting to see our friends again!


God's Creation

Just wanted to share some pics of our flowers. I think they are so beautiful, God's creation is amazing!


Joseph still likes school. He is doing really well. Here he is in his gym uniform that he wears on Wednesdays.


Joseph's Parade

Joseph is in a bilingual school called Jeremy School. He really likes it and has made a lot of new friends. The other day the school held a parade. All the kids dressed up like animals or flowers to bring awareness to nature. The school loaned Joseph a little duck outfit so he could march with his friends. It was a hot day but nevertheless we survived.