Off to Nicaragua

We are headed to Nicaragua on Monday morning to paint the church there, we would appreciate your prayers for safety and success in our projects. I won't be updating until Wednesday after we return.


Day 2

Today was a lot of fun. The group did good singing special songs, giving testimonies and sharing devotionals in the services. We had a special lunch with our church people after this morning's service. I think the group enjoyed trying Honduran food.
Getting ready to dig into a delicious lunch.
Is Blake cool or what?
The church turned out so nice!! The people are so happy!
The team sang and shared in both services.
What a great team!


The Power Painters!

Day 1 was a long hard work day for the team. After breakfast and money exchanging they were off to paint the church at Las Uvas. The first thing they had to do was sand down the walls and get off all the gritty sand. Blake was Mr. Sand Man. 
The girls tried their hand at sanding. They did a pretty good job!
 Joseph couldn't waaaaait to get his hands in the primer!! He loved it.
They kept those rollers spinnin' all day long. We started working at about 9:30 a.m. and we finished at about 7:30 p.m. It was a long day!
I'm not sure if there was more paint on the walls or on the people but hey it was fun!
It seemed like the priming took forever. At least by this time we could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now to add some color!
Learning teamwork.
The group did an awesome job!! The people really like how everything turned out.
We did the inside a cream color called sugar.
Our hard workers packed and ready to head home for the day. It was a job well done!!


They Have Arrived!

The team has arrived, everybody and all bags are accounted for!!! Here we are ready to make the four hour trip to Tegucigalpa and I just walked through the door a few minutes ago. We are all ready to crash for the night. I just thought I would let a few worried parents back in the states know that your children are doing great!! No worries.
Brittany was the cheese slice putter-onner. We made sandwiches for the road home.
Take one down and pass it around, ninety-nine ham and cheese sandwiches on the bus.


Team Incoming!

We are excitedly awaiting the arrival of a team of young people from the Richfield, Evangelical Methodist Church in Pennsylvania. They will be arriving tomorrow evening to San Pedro Sula and will be staying a week ministering in our churches. They plan to paint two churches and hold special services. Please keep them in your prayers for traveling safety and for God's help as they work. I'll try to keep daily updates throughout the week as I am able.


Old Friends

From time to time we get to cross paths with other missionaries working here in the country. It's always fun to fellowship together and catch up on what is going on in each others lives. Well the other day Zach Robberts called me on his way out of San Pedro Sula and said he was heading to Tegucigalpa to pick up a shipment of supplies for their clinic. He and Jeffrey McDowell stopped in for the night and we had a great time together playing games, telling jokes and sharing stories. In the morning I went with them to pick up their boxes and get them loaded up for their trip home. Sadly six of their boxes were stolen from the container while it was sitting in customs. There is really nothing that can be done. Such is life on the mission field. But at least the rest of the things safely arrived and Zach and Jeffrey made a safe trip home.


Being Salt and Light

Well I guess I'm a little bit behind the times. The prayer station is an outreach idea that has been around a long time and I have heard of many people using it. But for whatever reason until last Saturday I had never tried it but have been wanting to try it out for quite sometime. Well for starters I had to make my own stand. So I had a banner printed out and drilled some holes through our portable table to hold the banner. I sat up along the main road in and out of our community and handed out church brochures. I got some great responses!! I was able to talk to several people who don't go to church, I got some phone numbers to do some follow up, and handed out all the brochures I had with me. I really enjoyed it and I hope to do it again soon.


He Made My Heart Smile

Our eyes met and Daniel gave me a big beautiful smile!! I love that little guy!



Daniel's Life

I thought it was so cute when I saw Daniel sleeping in our big bed. He is like a little man.
Sleep and eat, sleep and eat that is pretty much Daniel's life right now.
All nice and clean after his bath.
He loves to be held and have his back patted. He is so sweet!!


To Nicaragua and Back

The week after returning to Honduras we made a trip into Nicaragua to pay a visit to the churches. Rigoberto Vasquez who is the director of the H.I.M. Hispanic churches came with his wife to encourage the churches. We had a very nice visit and God blessed in the services. Here we are at the border, Daniel's first time to Nicaragua.
Rigoberto and his wife Ana.
Getting ready to enjoy a nice lunch with pastor Julio.
Some of the people that attend Julio's church.
Julio's wife Jenny just loved to hold little Daniel. The people just love him to pieces!
After our trip to Nicaragua, Rigoberto came and paid a visit to our churches in Tegucigalpa. Here is the group that came out for the special service.
Then he preached Sunday morning at Tiloarque. 
L-R: Rigoberto, president of the H.I.M. Hispanic churches, myself, and Roger Ortiz national president of the churches in Honduras.


Joseph Turns 5

Well Joseph turned five (for real this time). We had already had two big parties when we were home in the states so we didn't feel like doing the piñata and party thing all over again. He was really wanting to go to a children's museum here called Chiminike so that is where we headed. We didn't tell him that we were going there so he was really surprised. Here he is sitting next to a  statue of Chiminike, the frog after whom the museum is named.
One of his favorite things at the museum is the "grocery store". He did well discerning the difference between healthy food and junk food.
Kuhns Family Construction Company
A skilled fisherman.
The flag and coat of arms of Honduras.
Joseph loved playing on the train. The engineer can barely see out the window!!
He ended the day with a kids meal from KFC that had a big chicken leg, one of his favorite foods!!