They Have Arrived!

The team has arrived, everybody and all bags are accounted for!!! Here we are ready to make the four hour trip to Tegucigalpa and I just walked through the door a few minutes ago. We are all ready to crash for the night. I just thought I would let a few worried parents back in the states know that your children are doing great!! No worries.
Brittany was the cheese slice putter-onner. We made sandwiches for the road home.
Take one down and pass it around, ninety-nine ham and cheese sandwiches on the bus.


Jeanne said...

have a great time...

collette said...

We miss you sooo much, and hope you are all having a great time! (Kayla, Brent and Brenda's daughter)

P.S. What a beautiful transformation to the little tin roof structure we visited last year! Looks like everyone worked really safe and hurry back...we miss you! (Collette)

Anonymous said...

why am i dispraportioned??????

brittany mowery