Happy Birthday Joseph

Two years ago on this very day our little Joseph, he was born.

With joy, pride and happiness our lives he would adorn.

What a thrill to watch him grow and learn new things each day.

Learning to love, share and give and learning how to pray.

May God guide his footsteps and guard his life and fill him with his glory.

Lord use our son in any way, use him to tell salvation's story.

Happy Birthday Son!! We love you so much!!!!


Thank You

Thank you TLC for doing a wonderful job! We were so impressed. They worked together very well, they had good attitudes, and they were a huge blessing. This past Sunday we felt God's presence in a powerful way. Matt Thompson preached a tremendous message. We had five seekers at the altar and three of them were new converts!! Praise God! God really used this group to make a positive impact on our church and community. Thank you for your sacrifice and hard work. We deeply appreciate it. You are welcome here any time!!


To the End of The World

The beginning of this week was very interesting. We helped to take the group way up into the mountains where they will be staying the remainder of this week working with another missionary. We rented a van for the kids and we followed in our car. What a trip!! It took us a good seven hours to get there. Most of the way was dirt roads, at one point a bridge was out and we had to cross through the stream. It seemed like we would never get there.

The mountains were absolutely gorgeous!!

Matt Thompson our fearless leader, showing off his new cowboy hat he bought at the market.

They were grating part of the road so we had to pass around the grater. The van nearly got stuck on the loose gravel. But they made it out!

Here is where the bridge was out and we had to pass through the stream.

The missionary lady lives way out in the boonies. There is no electricity, no cell phone service, and they still use outhouses. It is very primitive. She is planning on building houses for foster children. The group will be painting this building inside and out. She plans to house twelve children per house with a national couple to live with the children.

Joseph enjoyed seeing all the animals, especially the horses.

The boys will also be building bunk beds for the foster children. Jim Budensiek met up with the team and was helping them on the project. In this picture Justin was taking a break and trying to warm up a bit. It was very chilly.

The outhouses!! What an experience.

The guys working on building the bunk beds.


Our little pistol-packin', cow-ropin', bareback-ridin', cowboy! Yeeeeehaaaaaaaw


Joy Unspeakable

Baudilio Flores is our first convert that we have seen won to Christ. He comes faithfully to church and has been such a blessing. He is responsible for our church music each Sunday. While the team was here they were so kind to buy the church a new guitar. On Sunday we presented it and told Baudilio he was now responsible to take care of this guitar, practice on it through the week and play each Sunday for the congregational singing. He was sooooooooo excited!! He is going to treasure this instrument like gold. Today he told me on the phone that someone gave him a case to keep in it so it won't get damaged. You never saw a more happier guitar player!


Soccer Competition

The VBS theme was "Playing on Jesus' team". It was a comparison of the game of soccer to our spiritual lives. They discussed how Jesus is our captain, we have to play by the rules, you have to work together etc. Well on Saturday we had a big soccer competition. Those boys played hard!! The three top teams won "medals" and two mvp's were chosen to win brand new soccer balls. It was a great competition.


Birthday Celebration

Saturday night of VBS we celebrated one of the team member's birthday. Lorenda Wakefield turned 19! So we bought a big strawberry pinata and after the service the kids had fun diving for candy!!

The VBS was great all week. We ran about 40 kids each night. There were a lot of brand new kids!! We hope to see them continue to come each Sunday.


Team Outing

The group of young people.

Joseph enjoyed being with his new friend Jenny. She took care of him like he was a little brother.

The Rice brothers and sister L-R Tim, Valerie and Andrew

One of the team leaders, Matt Thompson. He is a hands-on, do anything kind of guy.

Libby Snyder, another team leader, did an excellent job teaching the VBS!

Justin, enjoying a cold drink on a hot day.

Erica Grant and Jenny enjoying the view of Tegucigalpa


The other night we were invited to one of our friends house for a praise service. Each member of the group gave their testimony and we sang choruses. It was a very special time.


New Territory

Thursday afternoon a few of us went into some territory where we havn't made very many contacts. Ryan dressed as a clown which grabbed the kids' attention and before long a group began to gather. Libby shared a story with them and sang songs. That night at VBS several of the kids showed up!! It has definitely helped us to gain a foot hold on this new and growing community.


A New Record!

Thursday night we set a new record! We had forty-one children in the service!! Many of them were first timers to the church. Praise God! The kids are enjoying the vbs so much. Many of them arrive a half hour early not wanting to miss anything!!


The group hired a cook. Our spanish teacher's mother is doing a tremendous job. The food has been top-notch.


Working Hard!

The top part of the walls of our church has designer blocks to allow for better installation. However, at certain times of the year we would have clouds of mosquitos. So the group has been kind enough to install screening and framing for all the walls. They did a terrific job and it looks great. No more mosquitos to deal with!!