Off to Bible School

For sometime now Pablo has felt that God wanted him to be a missionary. He wanted to go to a Bible School full time and really prepare for the ministry that he has been called to do. We finally found a school in Nicaragua whose primary focus is preparing missionaries. So last Sunday was Pablo's last Sunday with us for awhile. Hannah cooked his favorite potato soup and we had a good-bye service for him in the evening.
We are very proud of Pablo and his commitment to serve the Lord.
Praying for God's blessing on his life.
The church bought him a cake and Hannah made some snacks for a little going away party Sunday night.
Wednesday a group of us from the church drove the four hours to drop off Pablo at the Bible school. One of the ladies from the school was showing us around the beautiful facilities. This room is the intercession room where the students spend an hour each morning praying for the nations.
Getting settled into his dorm room.
Saying good-bye to Rita.
Keep Pablo in your prayers.


Las Delicias Church and Parsonage

The work goes on! The parsonage in Las Delicias is taking form and looking very nice. There is still lots to do such as installing the electric, water and sewer, laying the floor etc etc. Keep praying, we are needing about $14,000 to cover the costs of this project.
Digging through solid rock to make the septic tank. We all had a lot of blisters working on this and it still isn't finished.
Working on the outside stucco.
Inside one of the bedrooms.
Las Delicias is layed back. It's a great place to get away from the hustling bustling city. The kids can run and play and not worry about all the dangers that we have in a big city.
Agriculture is the main income. They grow corn, beans and fruit.
Brother Jose has a big field full of some of the best pineapples you will ever taste!
The church has been doing well. God is blessing Roberto and Jenny's ministry and they have seen several converts give their hearts to Christ.
The church is definitely a light in the darkness!! I pray that it will always be so.
The key to a bright future is reaching the next generation. It is so exciting to see the children participating in the services and showing hunger for God. The great things lay ahead!