Hey Joseph, Look What I Got!

Mmmm so good and juicy!
Your not here to eat it with me so I guess I 'll have to eat it all by myself!!!


Newest Convert

I would like to introduce you to one of our newest converts, Melvin. One of the first to pray for salvation in our newly built Las Uvas church. He faces a tough road ahead, he could really use your prayers. Tomorrow I'm planning to meet with him to start his discipleship classes. Pray for me as well. Melvin told me tonight he is so afraid that he won't be able to stay a Christian. He is afraid of failure. It's not easy leaving a life of habits and lifestyles behind, but God is great and He is going to help Melvin to change and to become a strong Christian. He may very well be one of our future pastors, only God knows!


Typical Life

I took this picture while out visiting tonight. I think the picture captured the cowboy country feel that is very much a part of the culture. I like the ropes hanging on the porch, the dogs wandering around, the old wood walls of the kitchen, so very typical. Yet Lorenzo has a look almost of worry, thinking about tomorrow, maybe he's wondering how he is going to feed his cows in this dry weather, or where his next meal is going to come from. This is life for many Hondurans.


The Doors and Window Bars!

Today was the installation of the doors and window bars at the church in Las Uvas.
Hanging to the two doors.
It's going to be tough for any thieves to get through these doors. 
Installing the window bars.
Welded tight and secure.
The guys did a great job. Now we don't have to haul our chairs in and out every time we have service. We can leave everything safe and secure in the church. What a blessing!!

Absolutely beautiful!! Thank the Lord!


Joseph's Visit to the Dentist

One of the bravest dentist patients ever!! Shots and all without crying!!
Our brave little trooper.
He actually fell asleep during the visit!!