Headed Home

Tomorrow, May 31st we will be flying back to the states. We plan to be home until September. With only five more weeks until the baby is due, we can hardly wait. Pray for us as we travel and pray for the remainder of Hannah's pregnancy.


The House Is Looking Good

Over the past weekend we have been busy painting and working on the house. We just finished painting the entire inside. It looks great. No more dirt and grime. It has been a lot of work but well worth it. We can turn off the light at night without the fear of being devoured by hepatitis. We really like our house. This house was an answer to prayer and God has supplied our needs in getting it cleaned up. When I first talked to our landlord about painting the house, she was really hesitant and said we should just clean the walls. I knew we just couldn't clean the walls, it needed paint bad. So we prayed about it, and asked God to help work this out. I went back to talk to her and mentioned again the need for paint. I told her if she would be willing to buy the paint, I would do the painting. She agreed, gave us the rollers, and bought us the paint. Another answer to prayer!!


The Big Move

We are finally moved. After spending a month in the apartment waiting our turn to move into the house the time has finally arrived and what a time it has been. I'm sure the house would have been marked unsanitary by any health inspector, the previous family did not make a point to keep things clean. Someone had gone on a mosquito killing spree and remnants of the war were smeered on the walls. The shower looked like it had not been cleaned in years. Dirt spots were on the walls. Ants were crawling in the sink. It was quite a sight. Our first night in the house was a little scary. Mosquitos were flying everywhere. It felt like we were sleeping in a sewer pipe surrounded by every disease known to man. But we have survived. We have been working hard to get conditions back in tip top shape.


God Given Friends

In one of those miraculous ways God has provided us with some friends. Carlos ( pictured on right ) is a taxi driver. One morning I was looking for a taxi ride to school when I saw him pull up and several people got out of his car. He was glad to take me and on the way we began to talk. He asked me if I was a Christian and I said I was and he said he was to0. From then on we have been friends. He asked me if I would like to meet his friend Larry, who is a Jew that moved here from Florida. I said I would be glad to and we made arrangements. Larry is a Messianic Jew who came to Christ by studying the Bible. He is very knowledgable in the scriptures and has some very interesting things to say. It is such a blessing to have friends. Carlos has come by the house to help us move our things and has been very helpful as we make adjustments. Here are two great guys!!


Taxi Drivers Protest

Buenos Diaz. Things are going great here in Honduras. Yesterday was our last day of Spanish classes. We almost thought we weren´t going to make it to our classes. We were trying to get a taxi but we just couldn´t get one to take us to school. Finally someone told us that the taxi drivers were on strike, they were protesting the high cost of fuel. We did find a few guys who were doing their job but the majority were shut down.

I saw today in the front page of the paper some of the things that happened yesterday. The taxi drivers made a barrier with their cars across a major highway so nobody could get through. Some people were burning tires. Throughout the day police helicopters were flying overhead. The police force was on high alert. The military showed up to keep order as the drivers made their protest. Even though we weren´t close to where the main protest was taking place, we could feel the tension in the air. However, today things are back to normal. This kind of thing seems to be the normal routine around here. There is always political turmoil.

Last week the public school teachers went on strike because they havn´t been getting paid from the government. The other day the buses were on strike. You just never know who will be on strike next. You just learn to go with the flow. It keeps life exciting.


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Breaking News!!!!

Today in school Hannah preached in Spanish!! I am so proud of her. The teacher asked us to each preach this week, I preached on Wednesday and Hannah got to preach today. This was her very first time. She gave a simple gospel message that lasted about 8 minutes. When she wrote her sermon, instead of writing the english and translating to Spanish, she wrote the sermon out directly in Spanish. She was a little nervous but she was great!! This is a wonderful accomplishment and she is picking up the language really well. She will make a great assistant pastor!


Folk Dancing

Today in Central Park there were four couples performing some of the traditional folk dances. It was very interesting. They all wore colorful clothing and the men each had a matchete by his side. It seemed to be more of a courting style of dancing. They did a very good job.


God Answered Prayer!

We have been in desperate need of rain. There were threats of rationing our water even more. We asked our friends to pray...God heard!!

Last night I began to hear the thunder roll. It was if God witnessed to me that our prayers had been answered. The story of Elijah seeing the cloud the size of a man's hand came to my mind. The showers were about to fall. And fall they did. It was like music to our ears as we heard the drops begin to fall on the tin roof. God had heard. God cared.

Today was much cooler and pleasant. The heat didn't zap all our energy, and we felt refreshed. Again this afternoon another shower passed by, God has surely supplied our need. It was such an encouragement to us that God cares about the rain and the little things in our life. He will not forsake us in the greater trials ahead. What a wonderful God we serve.

Thank you for helping us pray. Praise God his faithfulness!


We were privileged to have two clowns on our bus today after school. We didn´t understand everything they were saying but they were pretty funny. Bus rides can be pretty exciting. You never know who is going to get on. Children come down the aisles selling water, peanuts or candy. I have heard of preachers getting on and preaching to the crowd. Anyone can excercise their freedom of speech on public transportation. These guys did a good job. You know a clown is pretty good when he can make you laugh even when you don´t know what he is saying.


Crazy Driving

I have probably had at least 10 heart attacks, 1 stroke, and 50 out of body experiences since we have been here in Honduras. I have seen my life pass before my eyes so many times it´s starting to get boring.

The driving here is absolutely incredible. Children crossing the street, kids on bikes in the middle of the highways, maniacs swerving in and out, it´s wild. I have seen several wrecks and it´s a wonder I haven´t been in one yet. Basically anything goes here. I took this photo out the window of the taxi on our way to school this morning. I have seen kids on bikes hang on the back of a bus to go up steep hills. It´s a wonder these kids don´t get killed.

I think the rule is, if you beep your horn first you have right of way. At least that is how it seems. Our taxi rides are never boring. It beats any roller coaster ride hands down. That is if you can keep your hands down. Usually you have a white knuckled grip to the side of the door. But hey, they get you to your destination.


Happy Mother´s Day

Two people that have meant so much to us through the years have been our mothers. They have faithfully loved us, worked hard to raise us right, and have prayed many prayers in our behalf. They have been wonderful Christian examples for us to follow. We sure would love to be with them on this Mother´s Day to personally tell them how much they mean to us. They truly are the best in the world. If any of you see either one of our mothers please wish them a Happy Mother´s Day in our behalf. We love you mom!! Happy Mother´s Day!!!


We are in need of rain

We really appreciate our supporters being so faithful to pray for us. Many of you know we have a real battle with the water situation here. As of right now, we get running water every other day, however there is the possibility of having our water rationed even more. The water levels are low, we are in desperate need of rain. Would you please help us pray that the showers would soon fall. Recently it has looked like rain, but not much has happened. Please help us pray for this situation.


Aaah man the fridge is full!

Isn't our fridge cute? You are probably wondering what in the world this is all about. Let me explain. The apartment where we are staying is only temporary. We are waiting to move to the downstairs. The family living there is currently building a house and won't be moving out until another two weeks.

We have a fridge, a real fridge, the problem was we couldn't fit it through the door of our apartment so it is waiting for us downstairs. So for now ice in a bucket is working just fine. haha.Hey at least we always have a full fridge.

This fridge is so awsome it has the capabilities of transforming into a dish washer. Now you won't be able to find that in the U.S.! The amazing thing is, this fridge/dishwasher only cost us $2.00 What a deal!


Happy in Honduras


A Trip to the Market

Today Hannah and I made a visit to the central market. What an awsome place! I hope by these pictures you will get a feel, and smell of what this place is like. It is exciting. The place is crammed with people, vendors are yelling their prices and trying to get your attention, as cars and buses are pushing their way through the throngs of people.

You can find just about anything there that you want. They have everything from piles of shoes, vegetables, meats, clothes, school supplies, personal items, and even a few pets. It's all there. Hannah doesn't miss Wal-Mart, there are things at this market that Wal-Mart doesn't even sell.

You all need to come and experience the time of your life. Maybe you can balance your goodies on top of your head like this lady as you shop.

Someday we hope to have a prayer station or a street meeting here. It's a prime opportunity.


Fish!! Fish!! Get Your Fish!! This guy was happy to have his picture taken. I'm not sure who caught all these fish, but there were some big ones in there. It would have made any fisherman proud!


Now that is one serious hog!! Check out the fat. This was the butcher section of the market, there was blood and parts hanging everywhere.


Hannah just thought "thumper" was sooo cute. I'm not sure if they were to be sold as pets or food...hmmm I wonder.


There are all kinds of people at the market, guards posted at the doors of busineses, vendors shouting their prices, and even a guy who just needed a siesta in the middle of the day.


This beats Super Wal-Mart any day!!


A View From Our Street

Here is the view just down the street from our house. I have been doing some exploring around our community. It seems to be a hot bed for Jehovah Witnesses. There is a large Kingdom Hall just a few doors down from us. It certainly looks like we have our work cut out for us. The work looks hard, but the view looks great.


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We would love to hear from you. At this point we are not receiving mail so the only way we can communicate with our friends back home is if you email us. Write to kuhns@inbox.com let us know what is happening in your life.


Personal Update

A lot has transpired over the last month or so that we have been here in Honduras. We are learning more and more every day. The language is slowly coming along, we are getting more familiar with the means of transportation, and we are gaining more insight into the culture. Right now I would say we are more or less in a survival mode. The biggest difficulty is the language barrier. We are ready to jump into the work, plant a church, start visiting the people, have a VBS, but the language is hindering us. I guess I'm not very patient, I want to speak Spanish now, but it will take time. Our classes are coming along great. Hannah and I both are keeping at the same level of learning. We have a great teacher and I know within another year we should be pretty well established in the language.

Hannah is doing well despite the pregnancy. The baby is due in exactly nine weeks from today. Hannah is a real trooper. For several weeks she was having morning sickness just about every morning, however this past week since we have moved to our apartment, she has been doing much better. In just another 5 weeks we will be flying home for the delivery. So far the pregnancy has been basically complication free, which we are thankful. There are the normal complications that come with a pregnacy but God is helping Hannah and the baby both and giving them strength each day.

We are encouraged, there have been a few bumps in the road but God is helping us. We appreciate hearing from our friends with your posts and emails. It is always encouraging to know you are thinking and praying for us. Our two main prayer requests right now is Hannah's pregnacy and our language studies. Pray that God would continue to strengthen Hannah and give protection to her and the baby, and pray that God would open our minds and give us understanding of the language. I truly believe the success of our ministry will be determined by how well we learn the language.

Thanks for everything you do. Thanks for your financial support as well. This month was heavy financially with buying furniture and going to school. But the future looks bright. We have many friends who are faithfully supporting us and we deeply appreciate it.

May God richly bless you and bless Honduras.