Happy Mother´s Day

Two people that have meant so much to us through the years have been our mothers. They have faithfully loved us, worked hard to raise us right, and have prayed many prayers in our behalf. They have been wonderful Christian examples for us to follow. We sure would love to be with them on this Mother´s Day to personally tell them how much they mean to us. They truly are the best in the world. If any of you see either one of our mothers please wish them a Happy Mother´s Day in our behalf. We love you mom!! Happy Mother´s Day!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooo much. That is a wonderful Mother's Day card......'

Momma J/T said...

I am so blessed to have you all for children. Thank you so much for the beautiful card. Happy Mothers Day to you too, I too wish you were here to give me hugs and kisses, but just in a few more weeks you'll be home. Can't wait!!!
Love you both so much.


Renae said...

hello eric and hannah
how in the world are y'all? hope everything is going your way. ;-) hannah guess what i would do if i saw you? how is the little cute kuhnie? well y'all have a great day! renaessunshinecorner