We are in need of rain

We really appreciate our supporters being so faithful to pray for us. Many of you know we have a real battle with the water situation here. As of right now, we get running water every other day, however there is the possibility of having our water rationed even more. The water levels are low, we are in desperate need of rain. Would you please help us pray that the showers would soon fall. Recently it has looked like rain, but not much has happened. Please help us pray for this situation.


Dorcas McCoy said...

Hi Eric & Hannah,
We sure will be praying for you all to get some rain! It had been really dry here (not like there) and for the last three days we've had rain. The weather forecast has "showers" for the next week. I'd like to send some down your way! If we have that much rain, we may need to build an ark! ha!! Take care of yourselves!

lizzie said...

Hey guys,
We will def. be praying for rain for you guys! Don't worry God will provide! anyway, I love you guys! Sorry about not getting on msn last night! I totally forgot about it till like 12 something last night! oh by the way, I bought the baby some more stuff, they are ADORABLE! congratulations, i'm broke! hahaaa.just kidding! anyway, love you guys! Lizzie

Momma J/T said...

It's beginning to ra--in----,Hear the voice of the Father, saying whosoever will come and drink of this water, I promise to pour my spirit out on your SONS & YOUR DAUGHTERS if your thirsty and dry, look up to the sky, It's beginning to rain. Claim His promises and look up. WE ARE PRAYING.


wayne said...

We will keep it at the top of our prayer list. I hope to see you all in a few weeks. wayne