A Changing Church

When we arrived in Honduras to start a church, God guided us to the house where we are now. The area that we now use as our church was a run down school yard. It was very dirty and an old tin roof stretched out over the yard.
In the following months our landlord began constructing a small apartment above our "yard". They installed a beautiful roof, lights, and painted the whole inside without charging us a dime!

Here is our church when the construction was finished. What a blessing from the Lord.
About two or so weeks ago I presented a project to our people. I was looking for ways to involve the people. Something that saint and sinner could participate in, so I presented the idea of raising funds to decorate our church. Everybody agreed and so this past Saturday we held a garage sale to raise funds. I wanted to teach the church not to be dependent upon the missionaries to provide everything, I want them to work for the needs of their church without expecting us to pay out the money.

One of the ladies who has started attending our church is an interior decorator. She is very well known. She has decorated the congress, several presidencial houses as well as many houses for the rich and famous. She was in the service when I presented this project to the church, I think it was her very first service. I had no idea she was an interior decorator. When she heard about our project she said she would be willing to donate and make the curtains and decorations for the church, but she wanted it to be a secret to the other people who attend our services. This past Tuesday she and her brothers (who also attend the church) came to install the curtains, carpet, and decorations. They did an excellent job. With some of the money we made at the garage sale we were able to buy bricks to make a platform and better lighting. Everybody was so shocked when they saw the new decorations last night in our service. Praise God for this answer to prayer!!! God is working!!!!!!


A little boy enjoying a beautiful day!
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Together with Friends

This week we have two special friends from San Pedro Sula. These two ladies are here to study the A.C.E. system at a conference that is being held here in the city. They are planning on opening a Christian day school this fall with the International Conservative Holiness Association. So today after their classes we took them to Valle de Angeles. They really enjoyed it.

A display of some of the beautiful butterflies that inhabit Honduras.

A decorative door knob. The chipped blue paint and the bronze flower knobs, it really grabbed my attention.


Garage Sale

This past weekend was very busy. Several people from the church got together and donated items to be sold. All the proceeds from the garage sale went towards our church ministry. The people worked hard and donated a lot of nice things. They donated things like clothes, toys, household goods, shoes, and food and dessert. The sale was a huge success. We made over $300. It was a big moral boost for our people. They didn't think we would make that much. Thank the Lord for good weather, lots of help and a blowout garage sale!

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Bible Study

What a challenge! Starting a new church isn't easy but it sure is rewarding. God has been moving in our services and people are growing in Christ. It is sooo exciting. Wednesday nights are now Bible studies, I have been going over some basic doctrine. This week I addressed the issue of speaking in tongues since one of the ladies was asking about it. God really helped us. The lady in the striped shirt next to the door just started coming. She has been a Catholic at least in name most of her life but she has been attending faithfully. The man in the white shirt next to her comes like clock work. He has never attended a church before in his life, but he is learning so well. The lady in the glasses next to the man just started attending, this past Sunday she came forward to pray. She is an interior decorator and is helping us with some plans on decorating the church. She has only been attending a short time but already has been a huge blessing. Keep praying for each one that God would establish them and raise up leaders among this group.
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Dutch Country

A few days ago I told Hannah, "you know what I'm hungry for? Amish Macaroni salad". She did a quick search for the recipe on the internet and surprised me with some really good macaroni. Mmmmmm for a moment I thought I was back in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania!!
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One Lonely Street

When the TLC team came there were two great photographers who came along. Valerie Rice and Erica Grant. They helped to rekindle my interest in photography. I have tried to put into practice a few of the pointers I learned from them. Thanks girls!! Tonight I practiced some night shots. I still have lots of practicing to do but here were two that I liked.
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Just wanted to report that this morning in our Sunday morning worship service God met with us in a special way. It is so exciting to see what God is doing. We have some new people attending. We are now holding Wednesday night Bible studies that have been going very well. And this morning we had an altar service!! Praise God. The people are excited, unified, and hungry for more of God. It is wonderful to hear them testify as to how their lives are being changed. So keep praying, God is definitely moving!!


La Fiesta

Emerson and Luis twin brothers celebrated their eleventh birthday. As is the custom a piñata was the main event. These children loooove piñatas. They each took turns bashing the poor figure of a man into shreds of newspaper. They topped off the party with a homemade three milk cake for the boys. It was very delicious. Joseph loves birthday parties, smashing piñatas, eating cake, and downing lots of candy is right down his alley.


Jesus in the Passover

While studying for my Sunday morning message I came across this video and found it to be very interesting and informative. I thought you might enjoy the insights into the Passover meal and the symbolism behind it. This video is aprox. forty minutes long but if you have the time, it is well worth it. You can see the video here.


A Morning Bright and Fair

This morning I got word that a local high school was the scene of a protest. Someone had started throwing rocks and had hit a car. I quickly grabbed my camera and headed off. By the time I arrived the protest had ended and the people had left. So on my walk I thought I would shoot a few random things of interest. Here are a few results.
This young boy saw me with my camera and was a willing volunteer for a photo shoot. I thought they turned out real nice.

This elderly gentleman guards the local mini mart on the corner of our block. He has been at the job now for twenty years!

I liked how the barb wire turned out. It helps to show that security here is a major issue. Fences, barbed wire and bars are a way of life.

In the midst of a concrete jungle you can still spot some of nature's masterpieces.