Bible Study

What a challenge! Starting a new church isn't easy but it sure is rewarding. God has been moving in our services and people are growing in Christ. It is sooo exciting. Wednesday nights are now Bible studies, I have been going over some basic doctrine. This week I addressed the issue of speaking in tongues since one of the ladies was asking about it. God really helped us. The lady in the striped shirt next to the door just started coming. She has been a Catholic at least in name most of her life but she has been attending faithfully. The man in the white shirt next to her comes like clock work. He has never attended a church before in his life, but he is learning so well. The lady in the glasses next to the man just started attending, this past Sunday she came forward to pray. She is an interior decorator and is helping us with some plans on decorating the church. She has only been attending a short time but already has been a huge blessing. Keep praying for each one that God would establish them and raise up leaders among this group.
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jeanne said...

this is amazing...

Starting to see some of the Fruits of your labor. Praise the Lord. He is so faithful.