Joseph's First Stitch

Today I got a phone call from the school telling me that Joseph had fallen and I was to come right away. When I arrived, an ambulance was parked outside. I feared the worst. The teacher led me inside and there lying on a mat was Joseph and a pair of paramedics was dabbing his head wound. He was running during recess, tripped and fell into a wall. The wound wasn't really big but it was pretty deep. I felt so bad for him when they gave him a shot and a stitch. When it was all over and I was taking him home, all his friends were saying good-bye and giving him hugs and one of the teachers cried out "you're my hero". He is a hero!!!


Joseph's World

Joseph was so excited to get a box from his grammy the other day. He got some new Thomas trains and goodies. It was like Christmas!
A new shirt from grammy!!
Joseph was also invited to a birthday party for a pair of twins. He loves birthday parties!! Needless to say that was a very special day for him, he got his box from grammy and went to a birthday party all in the same day!!


Woo Hoo

We are getting our road paved!!! I am so sick of pot holes, what a blessing to have a smooth road to ride on.


A Church Picnic

A few days ago we took our Las Uvas church to a park for a church picnic. They were so excited, they don't get to get away very often. It was nice to spend time with them.
The kids enjoyed going to a little zoo. Here they were looking at all the snakes.
A good size boa constrictor native to Honduras. I have only seen one of these in the wild.
Getting things ready to eat!! It was soooo good.
A view of Tegucigalpa from the park.


Forty Hour Fast

God has been at work! We have sensed the presence of the Lord working in our services, we have several new people attending, others are seeking spiritual growth and the churches keep marching on. My prayer is that we will see 15 new converts between now and the end of the year. We can already see God's hand beginning to move and to answer this prayer.

We are excited about a youth group from Beavertown God's Missionary Church from Pennsylvania who will be coming for a ten day mission trip in August. They are planning to hold a VBS in each of our churches as well as a revival and an open air campaign. It's going to be a busy time. That's why we are calling on you our friends, family and supporters to join us for a forty hour fast on July 21st through 23rd. Like we have done in other occasions we hope to have 24 people help us fast. We are especially praying for a move of God during the open air campaign that we will be holding August 13-15. We got permission to use a soccer field in a nearby neighborhood, it is right along the main road and just across the street from a bar. It is prime territory. Pray for the conviction and salvation of sinners!! Also pray for good weather. We would appreciate it if you would make mention of this request in your church so others will help us pray about this need. If you would like to participate in the forty hour fast send me an email at

Thanks to all of you who have been faithfully supporting us financially and holding us up to the throne. We feel those prayers and we deeply appreciate it!!