Mission Accomplished

"A Church Planter's Journey" has finally been filmed and now it's off to the editing process. We want to thank God for His help, He gave us good weather, good shots and a great team. We also want to say a big thank you to Scott and Jon for all their time and efforts. Both of them took off work to come down here and shoot the video. It was a big sacrifice on their part and we want them to know we deeply appreciate it. They both did a tremendous job. And thanks to all of you who helped to pray, we felt those prayers. Our hopes is that God will use this project for His glory and call others to His harvest field.


Spanish Fortress

While Scott and Jon were here, we did have a little free time on Friday to visit an old Spanish fortress that dates back to the mid 1700's. The Spanish had used it as a defense against pirates.


Behind the Scenes

Wow what a week! We were running non stop the whole time, but it was so much fun! Jon and Scott did a tremendous job. Thanks guys! Our church people really did a good job too. They demonstrated Honduran cooking, gave testimonies and helped to re-enact scenes. Everybody worked together as a team!


3-2-1 Action!

We are so excited about a new project that is in the making. It was an idea I have had in the back of my mind for some time now. Jon Plank and I have talked about it on occasions but I don't think we ever thought it would happen anytime soon. We are planning on making a documentary of our first term on the mission field, along with a few "extras" thrown in that will hopefully make for an interesting dvd. In just a few more days Jon along with my brother Scott will be coming for nearly a week to shoot the video. This is new territory for all of us and I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun figuring it all out. Pray for these guys and for this project that it would be a tool in God's hands to bless others, call young people to Christian service, and encourage more prayer support. We want it to be something that will glorify God. It's going to be hard work but a lot fun! We hope to have "A Church Planter's Journey" ready by early April. Stay tuned for more!


Happy Birthday Will

Just wanted to wish the best step-dad in the world a happy birthday. We love you will and are so glad that God brought into our lives


Ministry Update

I'm really falling behind when it comes to blogging. I don't know maybe I lost interest, or maybe I'm too busy or maybe both, not sure. Anyways there has been some encouraging things happening. We are gearing up for our deputation March thru September. I have the bulk of our services scheduled, now we have to get all our pr material together, that will take some time (and money). The church has been growing. The last two Sundays we have averaged about 26 in the mornings. We have eliminated our 2:00 afternoon Sunday school class and Hannah is now teaching class on Sunday mornings while I'm preaching. She is doing a great job and the kids love it! It is working so much better that way.
I have about 6 people I'm discipling for baptism. I hope to have them baptized by the time we leave for the states. Pray for them.
We are still meeting with our other group on Saturdays. There are four converts there that we are working with as well. We would like to construct a metal roof hopefully this month, so we have a more permanent place to meet and we don't have to worry about rain.
God has been really helping us in our services. People are seeking God, many our testifying that God has really been changing their lives. One of the couples that got saved have quit their drinking, they come to church faithfully and have made a complete turn around, it is so exciting. Another couple are under conviction concerning adultery. They have lived together for eight years. Please pray for them. It is a real struggle. It is a hard web to untangle but God is definitely helping them. They have made good progress.
Hannah and Joseph are both doing good. It seems like every time we turn around Joseph makes another mess or breaks something. I guess that is normal for a two year old. He loves to help me with whatever I'm doing. He imitates a lot of what I do, it is so funny. He is growing so fast.
Thanks so much for all you do. We appreciate those of you who sent extra support during Christmas, for the cards and gifts and all the little special things you do. It means so much. Continue to pray for the ministry. It's growing and God is blessing. We are so happy serving the Lord in Honduras, we wouldn't want anything else!