Picture Potpourri

Life has been great. We've been enjoying every minute with our family and friends. Saturday we went to Trader's World, a large indoor flea market near Dayton, OH. We decided to pose with some of the realistic looking animals that are placed at the entrance. We had a lot of fun.

Sunday we had services in Gahanna, and Marion, Ohio. God has been helping us in every service. Sunday night after the service we were royally treated at the Cressman residence. Wesley has been a good friend of ours since our days in college. He cooked up a great middle eastern supper for us that included kubah, tabooley salad, humus and a few other things. Don't ask me how it is made or what is in it, that's out of my league. But it turned out great.

Sunday morning we were at Hannah's cousin's church. They gave Joseph a cute little kite that he just loves! He is pretty good at it, catching it in the wind. He has been holding up quite well in our busy schedule. He likes to travel and he doesn't know a stranger. There have been a few times though while getting him dressed for the service he would say "no church, no church". haha.

I have been getting good reports from our people in Honduras. Just today I talked with Jose and he said that the Sunday morning service was full and that God blessed. How exciting! Just a few weeks ago a man was saved at our second church in "Las Uvas". So we just thank God that the work continues onward, our people are doing well and God is blessing. Keep them in your prayers as they carry the load during our absence.
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Deputation Schedule

Our deputation tour is in full swing. God has been helping us tremendously and we thank Him for that. Maybe some of you would like to come and hear our update of the work in Honduras. Check out the schedule and plan to come, we would love to see you!!

April 26 a.m. Gahanna, Ohio Pastor Tony Howard 937-243-8332
April 26 p.m. Marion, Ohio Pastor Gary Brugger 740-387-3870
April 28 p.m. Peebles, Ohio Pastor Richard Williams 937-587-5110
April 29 p.m. Greenville, Ohio Pastor Rodney Robbins 937-548-0226
May 3 a.m. Ridgeville, IN Pastor Daniel Edwards 765-857-2725
May 3 p.m. Vevay, IN Pastor David Dicken 812-667-4130
May 6 p.m. Corydon, IN Pastor David Dicken Jr. 812-738-9654
May 10 p.m. Vevay, IN Pastor Howard Robbins 765-763-6314
May 13 p.m. Winchester, IN Pastor Don Bates Jr. 765-584-7014
May 17 a.m. Arlington, IN Pastor Aaron Marshall 765-717-1570
May 17 p.m. Shelbyville, IN Pastor Joe Smith 317-398-0499
May 20 p.m. Warren, OH Pastor Daryl Muir 330-372-1593
May 24 a.m. Northampton, PA Pastor Rodney Keister 610-262-4412
May 24 p.m. Richfield, PA Pastor Aaron McCarty 570-539-8697
May 27 p.m. Sunbury, PA Pastor Jacob Martin 570-765-0190
May 28 p.m. Rebersburg, PA Pastor Nathan Walter 814-349-5577
May 31 a.m. Lebanon, PA Pastor Robert Booth
May 31 p.m. Lebanon, PA Youth Pastor Dwight Rine 717-272-7394
June 7 a.m. Spring Mills, PA Pastor Gabriel Morley
June 7 p.m. New Columbia, PA Pastor Matt Ellison 570-538-1739
June 10 p.m. Barberton, OH Pastor Dennis McCoy 330-658-5230
June 14 a.m. Burlington, KY Pastor Darrell Stetler 859-689-5843
June 14 p.m. Batavia, OH Pastor Jim Bender 513-304-9675
June 28 a.m. Batavia, OH Pastor Jim Morris 513-735-9088
June 28 p.m. Mount Carmel, OH Pastor Kenny Cox 513-528-2380
July 1 p.m. Goshen, OH Pastor Carl Eisenhart
July 2 p.m. Batavia, OH Pastor Jack Hart 513-732-3507
July 5 p.m. Archdale, NC Teresa Stewart 336-442-4662
July 9 p.m. Maryville, TN Pastor Wayne Friday 865-379-2560
July 12 a.m. Friendsville, TN Pastor Dana Bentz 865-850-9539
July 12 p.m. Galax, VA Pastor Keith Ledford 27 6-236-4266
July 15 p.m. Thomasville, NC Pastor Mike Wetherald 336-472-6881
July 16 p.m. Graham, NC Pastor Marcus Evans 336-376-1880
July 19 p.m. Harkers Island, NC Pastor Dale Darr
July 22 p.m. Gratz, PA Mark Ocala 717-798-6923
July 26 p.m. Milesburg, PA Pastor Mike Hoskins 814-360-6011
July 29 p.m. Alum Bank, PA Pastor Becky Clark 814-839-4542


Catching Up

Wow time really got away from me, things have been going way to fast. We left Pa right before Easter and headed to Cincinnati. Before we left Joseph got to color Easter eggs with his cousins. He also loved all the Easter egg hunts.
The week after Easter we headed to the I.H.Convention. It was a great convention, as usual there were great speakers, beautiful singing and wonderful fellowship. I really enjoyed it.

During the convention Joseph got to make a new friend. He got a good hug from Gabe Norris' little girl. haha

Here is Joseph and his cousin Eathan sharing a stroller. These two little guys hit it off.

After I.H.C. we went out to eat with some of the Hope International staff and missionaries. I so enjoyed hearing about the work in Taiwan.

Joseph is having a blast staying with his grandma and aunt Liz. They took him to the park the other day. It was so sunny and warm, it was nice to get out.

We got invited over to uncle Tim's house for a cook-out. We had big juicy hamburgers, mmmmm sooooo good.

Hannah's family surprised me the day after my birthday with a party. Her grandpa and a lot of her aunt's and uncles came over to the house to celebrate. It was very nice.

I'm not two years old. There is another number that should go beside that two but it's a secret!!


They're Here!!!!

After many hours of hard work, late nights, lots of emails, proofing and editing and even a few bloopers, "A Church Planter's Journey" is now available! Ten boxes arrived yesterday from the duplicators. We are sooo excited. Again we want to thank Jon Plank for his hard work in making this project possible. You did a great job. Also, we want to say thank you to my brother Scott for sacrificing his time to do some great photography for the video and cover. Thanks so much.

Be sure to get your copy while supplies last! If you don't see us at I.H.C. or during one of our deputation services write us and request your copy. We will be happy to mail you one. These DVDs are available for any size donation.

We thank God for his help in all of this. It was something totally new, and we felt His strength and help through it all. Our prayer is that each DVD will be a little ambassador and be a blessing to many hearts and a tool in God's hands.


It's Never Boring at the Park

Nana took us to the park yesterday. Joseph loves it there. He fed the ducks, played on the slides, jumped off the big rocks and pretended to be a fireman. He always has fun at the park.


What a Beautiful Day!

It finally warmed up enough that yesterday we could get outside and enjoy the day. Joseph helped nana pick up sticks around the yard and later got up in her tree. He loves the outdoors. Spring is in the air!


Along the Way

We are enjoying our deputation so far, God has really been helping us. Last night we had the privilege of speaking at the Newport God's Missionary Church pastored by Randy Tolley. We enjoyed ourselves so much. Thank you brother and sister Tolley for opening your doors and for the wonderful fellowship.


Coming Soon--"A Church Planter's Journey"

Be sure to stop by our booth at I.H.C. and get your copy of "A Church Planter's Journey" . They will be available for a donation or a pledge to our ministry. You can also write to us and request a copy to be sent to your home. You can write us at:
Eric Kuhns
121 Melmar Dr.
Lewisburg, Pa 17837